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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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She is currently Princess of the Darklands, she became so after Lord Vile stabbed her and threw her out of a window when she made an attempt of Melovent's life trying to earn the respect of the army. Her first appearance was when Valkyrie attempted to have a vision of the future where she sees Abyssinia after she made an attack on Roarhaven she was accompanied by Auger and Omen Darkly and Skulduggery Pleasant. She looks directly at Valkyrie as she's having the vision and says that she's "coming for them all". She was resurrected at Coldheart Prison using the life force of Mr Collup and Mr Rut (killing them), and some of Valkyrie Cain's (she survives). Abyssinia is seen laughing before Never teleports the group away.


It has been said that she enjoys killing and is good it, she has been shown to be ambitious. She is implied to be insane


She is a Neoterric.

Absorbs Life Force: She does this to heal or to grow stronger


Skulduggery: Ex

Valkyrie: Enemy

Darkland Army: Leader

Anti-Sanctuary: Leader