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Character Information
Taken Name Adrasdos
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept, Necromancy
Weapons Hilt
Location Unknown

Adrasdos was an American Necromancer who broke into the Irish Sanctuary with Bernard Sult.


Last Stand of Dead Men

She and others break into The Irish Sanctuary. She then encountered Ghastly Bespoke and he knocked her unconscious. She is later seen reading a book in the Irish Sanctuary's holding cell.

Dying of the Light

She appears at The American Sanctuary and takes Skulduggery and others to the Grand Mage. She does not appear later.


She is a Necromancer who has a hilt which stores her magic.


Adrasdos is based on an American fan of the books.



Last Stand of Dead Men Cover
The Dying of the Light Cover

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