The ruins of Bancrook Castle is located on a hill in Bancrook, and it's the place where the Grotesquery was hidden before Baron Vengeous and Dusk retrieved it in 2008.

Bancrook Castle
Bancrook Castle Information
Name(s) Bancrook Castle
Inhabitants none
Part of Ireland

In the books

Playing with Fire

Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain goes to Bancrook Castle in search of the Grotesquery, after finding out about its location from the Torment. They are unable to find it before Vengeous, Dusk and the Infected shows up, and they hide, watching while the Grotesquery is retrieved from the ruins. Skulduggery engages in a fight with Vengeous which Valkyrie interupts by calling attention to herself and then running away.

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