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The Brides of Blood Tears was a group of witches. Their central, and only known, gathering location was a pyramid in Egypt. They could shoot energy beams from their hands and have Devoted as their servants.


Last Stand of Dead Men

The Brides are first mentioned by Dubhóg Ni Broin, a witch who Skulduggery and Valkyrie question about her involvement with the warlocks. She says that the Brides may have joined Charivari's cause, but she can't be sure.

Later, they are revealed to be working with Charivari. Skulduggery and Valkyrie travel to their headquarters to attempt to infiltrate it to free Fletcher. The plan goes wrong and Valkyrie is separated from the others. She flees but her conscience tells her to take a wrong turn which leads her into a room full of witches. They fire energy beams into her body. Dying, she pleads her inner self to save her. Later, Skulduggery enters the room where all the Witches have been murdered under her wrath.



Not much is known about the powers of the Brides of Blood Tears, but it is known that they can shoot energy beams from their hands with great accuracy. They, like all sorcerers, can create binding sigils.


The Brides wear red silk robes covering most of their body except their bellies. They were also mentioned to have bangles, and their sandals were laced up in a very complex manner.


Last Stand of Dead Men Cover

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