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Cadaverous Gant
Character Information
Taken Name Cadaverous Gant
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept
Location Unknown

Cadaverous Gant is a cold blooded murderer who appears in The Dying of the Light and Resurrection


The Dying of the Light

He is first seen entering Danny's shop with Jeremiah Wallow, pretending to not know his accomplice. He stops an argument between Wallow and Danny, and causally asks whether Danny has seen any Irishwomen in the area.

Later, he and Wallow use Danny as bait to lure Valkyrie Cain out of her hiding place.

After Valkyrie kills Wallow, he drives off. He is not mentioned again.


He is an Adept who cannot be hurt in his house.


The Dying of the Light Cover

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