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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Erskine Ravel
AOH Ravel

One of the Dead Men, believed to be Ravel due to his use of Elemental magic.

Character Information
Taken Name Erskine Ravel,
The Man with Golden Eyes
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth February, 1606 [1]
Age 408
Magic Elemental
Faction The Dead Men (formerly),
The Irish Sanctuary (formerly),
The Children of the Spider and Roarhaven mages
Titles Grand Mage, The Man with Golden Eyes
Location Ireland
Relations Zafira Kerias (ex)

Erskine Ravel is an Elemental. He was the Grand Mage of Ireland, before he killed Ghastly Bespoke and Anton Shudder, betraying his friends. It was also revealed that he was the Man with Golden Eyes, hiding Roarhaven's revolution behind a war so that mages could rule mortals.



During the War he was part of a group called the Dead Men. He also took orders from Corrival Deuce. He was once captured by Mevolent's soldiers and tortured. Whilst recovering he spent time with the Children of the Spider and their living conditions caused him to believe that mages should no longer have to hide from mortals. He accompanied Deuce on many political negotiations both during and after the War. He visited Wolfsong over 150 years ago. He also was in a relationship with Zafira Kerias.

Across a Dark Plain

In 1861 he chased Nefarian Serpine across South Dakota but Serpine got away with the help of Noche and Solomon Wreath.

The Council Election

At the Great Chamber, after Corrival Deuce is elected as Grand Mage, Ravel, along with Skulduggery, is nominated as an Elder by Corrival, despite not wanting to become one. It is later discovered that it was his plan to be elected.

He is present at the interrogation of Davina Marr where he, along with Skulduggery, Valkyrie Cain and Tanith Low, is defeated by Tesseract. He fights Tessaract, sustaining only some broken ribs. He leaves the medical bay early to report to Deuce, despite Kenspeckles orders.

Ravel likes Tanith, but Skulduggery tells him to keep away from her as Ghastly is also interested in her.

The Remnant Outbreak


Ravel before he was a Grand Mage

The three are attacked by Deuce, Shudder and Wreath who are all possessed by Remnants. He joins the possessed Remnants that attack the Hibernian and later has the Remnant ripped from him at MacGillycuddy's Reeks. Near the end of the book, he is elected as Grand Mage, and he accepts Madam Mist and Ghastly Bespoke as his Elders. In Last Stand of Dead Men Skulduggery says that Ravel used the Remnants to cover up the murder of Corrival Deuce so that Ravel was elected Grand Mage.

Duties as a Grand Mage

Ravel made his first appearance as Grand Mage in the new Sanctuary along with his Elders, where they were told by Skulduggery and Valkyrie about Melancholia being the Death Bringer.

After Valkyrie was seriously injured by Melancholia, Ravel allowed Madame Mist to bring in Nye and make it the Sanctuary's new doctor, despite numerous objections.

Ravel later attended the the Requiem Ball, during which he had his life energy taken from him by Melancholia, along with the other guests. However it was later returned to him with Valkyrie's help.

He is also defended The Irish Sanctuary from threats from The Supreme Council during the Argeddion and God-Killer crises.

Theatre of Shadows

Eight weeks after Argeddion was defeated, he sent a proclamation to Sanctuary agents around the world, detailing the escape of Silas Nadir from prison and the disappearance of Skulduggery and Valkyrie.

He then sent regular reports to the operatives on the status of the hunt for Nadir. He revealed that Nadir left his last known position twenty minutes when the agents got there.

The War of the Sanctuaries

Despite his apparent best efforts, Ireland suffered too many transgressions and slid into war with almost all of the world. He led some missions with the reformed Dead Men to France and in Ireland. He also had a shield raised around the country to prevent entrance to the belligerents.


As the war with the Supreme Council began to fall apart into bickering and petty attacks, Ravel returned to the Sanctuary to confront Mist, despite Skulduggery's warnings about experiencing intense agony within the Sanctuary in one of Cassandra Pharos' visions. Ghastly and Anton Shudder were sent to accompany him, along with two Australian mages.

The team split up, and Ghastly, Shudder and Ravel go to face Madame Mist. However, when they find her, she introduces the Black Cleaver, a modification to the rebuilt White Cleaver, 'donated' by Dr Nye, who is revealed to have killed the two mages sent to accompany Ravel, Ghastly and Shudder.

Before the trio can attack, the Black Cleaver advances, it's scythe slashing through Shudder, and even as his gist attempts to emerge, Shudder is unable to retaliate, and the Black Cleaver ends his life.

A moment later, Ghastly feels something cold and sharp penetrate his back, and despite thinking it to be the Cleaver, as he falls, he is rolled onto his back to face Erskine Ravel, holding the knife.

As Ghastly's body shuts down, he begs Ravel to stop. Ravel apologizes, and as Ghastly dies, he notices Erskine Ravel's golden eyes, revealing that Ravel was always the traitor.

He later later announces to the people of Roarhaven that in another dimension a giant city was built that will be shunted onto the current village. After Skulduggery and his allies fail to assassinate Ravel (after learning he was a traitor), he is alerted by an aide that the Warlocks, led by Charivari, are marching on Roarhaven. He doesn't understand why the didn't attack Dublin, like in his plan. Skulduggery mentions that the Warlocks saw through the whole ruse of Department X.

The Battle of Roarhaven

While preparing for another battle, Ravel is asked why he betrayed Ghastly, Shudder and Corrival Deuce. He claims that he fell in with The Children of the Spider while on sick leave from The Dead Men during The War. He used terrible events all along, such as The Remnant Outbreak, The Death Bringer and The Summer of Light, as a means for the magical community to reveal themselves to the world and rule the mortals. Skulduggery is even more disgusted with Ravel.

During the Battle, Ravel sends mages supercharged by The Accelerator to kill Skulduggery and his allies. They fail to defeat them. Skulduggery and China Sorrows go to the Sanctuary where Ravel is waiting with The Black Cleaver and the Children of the Spider. After a lengthy battle, Ravel and his allies are defeated. Darquesse arrives and tortures Ravel after he asks her to join him. She says death is too good for him and places on him twenty-three hours of pure pain that can't be sedated for eternity. When he gets used to the pain, it will increase. The one hour without pain would be spend in terror, waiting for it to come back. The vision the came through when he was seen writing in agony. Late on, it it mentioned that nothing can be done to reduce the pain.

The Dying of the Light

He is seen in extreme pain when visited. He is then shunted by Creyfon Signate to Mevolent's dimension to break the link and to draw Darquesse in. When they shunt they are surrounded by Redhoods but Ravel manages to escape. He then goes to the city and visits The Temple of the Spider he is then caught by The Terror. Later he breaks free and runs into Skulduggery and Valkyrie. They tell him to surrender but then Vile, Mevolent and Vengeous appear and Ravel is chocked by Vile and goes unconscious. He is then freed by Serpine and taken to a village. When Vile attacks he, skullduggery and Valkyrie get away and travel to Roarhaven and are shunted back. He is held in a protective circle to shield him from Darquesse. When he steps out of the circle he alerts Darquesse to were he is. He then fight Darquess along with others using the God-Killer weapons. He is later pushed into The Accelerator by Skulduggery to shut it down.


Corrival Deuce says that Ravel "likes spending money too much" and he describes himself as a rogue. He shows a clear attraction to Tanith Low but is told by Skulduggery to leave her alone after Ghastly is attracted to her. It is implied that he is a bit of a ladies man. He was also against becoming an Elder as he considered the job too peaceful although he was content to badger Deuce into taking the job. 

He seems to be trustworthy and caring towards his friends. Although he kills Ghastly and Anton, and plans to help the mages take over the mortal world, he regrets what he had to do for his views constantly.

He is disgusted by himself for his actions, even though he believes them to be necessary.


Ravel was shown to be an experienced Elemental when he was fighting the hired killer Tesseract. His skills in Elemental magic are also shown when Corrival Deuce, Anton Shudder and Solomon Wreath attack Bespoke's Tailors while possessed by Remnants. However he is shown to be inferior to Skulduggery in their fight.



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