Albino Grell is an adept and works for the German Sanctuary.

Earlier Life

Albino was born around 1615 in Greven, a little town in Germany.But the family moved house and in his early years he lived in Berlin. He was very good at school and is very clever. After school he knew everything about the magic world and practised Element Magic. Later he become an Adept and worked forum the German Sanctuary.

The War

In the war he did'nt fight. But he made great strategies for the Germans and they won every fight .

Working for the Sanctuary

In the German Sanctuary he his quiet influential and he often advise the German Grand-Mage. But nobody exactly know what Albino really do. Maybe he is the strategist or something like that.

Apearance & Personallity

Albino Grell is an albino, that means he is blond, pale and have red eyes. He looks as if he is in his late forties. He is ca. 1,85 high and thin.

Albino is professional and is married with his job. He is respected by his colleagues and is quiet friendly. But he does'nt laugh so much and is rather cool.

Magic and Skills

He is an Adept and is able to control the light . When its dark he can make it bright. He can blind somebody in a fight and he can throw hot light-balls at his enemys.

Albino is strong and good in fighting. Moreover he is very clever.

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