Argona Dia Moira
Character Information
Given Name Bulga
Taken Name Argona Dia Moira
True Name Morrigan
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth 15th July, 1668
Age Approx.350
Magic Crystallokinesis
Faction Temporary member of "Dead Men"
Weapons Crystals
Location Argona, Australia / Dublin, Ireland
Relations Unknown, but living, parents

Argona Dia Moira is an Australian Mage and the only current practitioner of Crystallonkenisis, the advanced elemental practice of earth manipulation. Though not specifically mentioned at any point of her story, Dia Moira’s true name is revealed as Morrigan, but is sealed as part of a traditional ceremony in her village before she learns it, thus rendering its immense power useless to both her and the rest of the world. Though Australian by nationality, she spends most of her time in Ireland with Skulduggery Pleasant.

One of Dia Moira's most noticeable aspects is her ability to hold her own under extreme circumstances such as torture, which she goes through many times during the course of the series, the most memorable by Nefarian Serpine and his Red Right Hand. When encountered about her strangely high pain threshold, the only explanation she has ever offered is: “I’m not driven by forgiveness. I’m driven by revenge,” implying that she has already killed several people before the series even begun.

After the events of the last book, it is implied that Dia Moira had a son and lives full time in Ireland. 



Argona Dia Moira was born and raised in the Aboriginal village of Argona, Australia, approximately 300 years ago. As a child, she was unusually big for her age, described as “tall and lanky” by the other villagers and compared more to a young boy than a young girl.

By the age of 40, she stood at the height of 6”4 and had travelled the world several times in an effort to advance her magical disciplines. Somewhere in this time period, Mevolent gathered together his army and attempted to conquer the world and summon the Faceless Ones back to their reality, thus starting the war against his forces and the resistance movement.

At the beginning of the war, Moira was based in Ireland. Being one of the younger sorcerers in the country at the time, she didn’t know the history of what had sparked the brewing war, and was “commissioned” to retrieve magical artefacts for Nefarian Serpine, one of Mevolent’s soon-to-be-infamous Three Generals. During one instance where her orders were to bring him a cloaking sphere, she was intercepted by the then-living Skulduggery Pleasant, and was quickly informed of who she was serving. She immediately ceased contact with Serpine and pledged her efforts to aid the Irish resistance from abroad, transporting Australian soldiers over to help with the fighting.

By the time the war began to turn in Mevolent’s favour, Moira had become a renowned soldier in Australia, but did not return to Ireland to fight on the front lines with the reasoning that if she were ever to encounter Serpine after her betrayal, she would be tortured and killed. Her efforts were continued throughout the rest of the war, until Mevolent was finally defeated, the Sanctuaries erected, and the Truce set into place. With the threat of Serpine nulled and the war over, Moira was commended for her efforts in the war and given a home in Ireland in thanks for her services. Though she accepted the offer and maintained her residence in the country, she continued living in Australia out of habit for several years.

The Truce is Broken


The Torture of Argona Dia Moira

In 2007 during the breaking of the Truce between the Sanctuaries and the remains of Mevolent’s forces, Dia Moira was kidnapped from Perth, Australia, by Serpine’s henchmen. She was transported to the Irish castle where Serpine had set up his base and chained up in the dungeon for two days before anything happened. After those two days, Moira finally came face to face with the man she had betrayed during the war with Mevolent, and he swore to show his displeasure with the fact.

Moira was tortured relentlessly for a week for betraying Serpine’s cause, both by conventional means and the use of his Red Right Hand. The reasoning he gave for waiting so long for punishment was because of his outward commitment to the Truce, and now he was tearing it apart he didn’t have to fear the repercussions of her torture interfering with his plans. She was even in the castle when Mr. Bliss paid his visit to Serpine at the beginning of Skulduggery Pleasant, though he was obviously unaware of the atrocities being committed below his feet. 

After seven days, she was removed from the dungeon and brought up to a room in the upper castle, where she was secured to a chair and left for another day. It was then that she was reunited with Skulduggery Pleasant, the man who had convinced her to commit the act that landed her in Ireland again. She was then tortured in front of him for an hour in an effort to make Skulduggery reveal the location of the key to the cave entrance, and when both refused to break, Serpine just tortured Skulduggery instead, leaving Moira in a comatose state from the week of abuse.

When Skulduggery and Moira were rescued by the combined efforts of Stephanie Edgley, Ghastly Bespoke, Tanith Low and their assigned Cleavers, Moira was taken immediately to Kenspeckle Grouse, where she was healed and kept unconscious for another week. She did not learn of Serpine’s death until she woke from her coma.

Rise of the Grotesquery


Dia Moira recovered from her torture.

Following the events of the previous year, Dia Moira took up residence in Dublin, thus taking up the Sanctuaries offer of providing her accommodation in exchange for her services. Her apartment is described as a “slice of her culture in the centre of Ireland”, decorated lavishly with drapes, dimmed lighting and “the warm smog that was the air thick with incense that smelt of ash and oak”. It was here where she met with Skulduggery again, who had come to seek her assistance in breaking down the newest case that he had been presented with. Using Dia Moira’s power of earth manipulation to break into the Sanctuary without being detected, they “liberated” several files belonging to Grand Mage Thurid Guild in hopes of gathering evidence to substantiate Skulduggery’s claim of his treason.

Later on that day she reunites with Valkyrie warmly and is introduced to Tanith Low, and the four travel to the Sanctuary to interrogate Vaurien Scapegrace on the whereabouts of the Torment. Dia Moira accompanied the three to the town of Roarhaven, where they went to Scapegrace’s old tavern. The three engaged in a bar-fight with some citizens from the town who now own the tavern (due to Scapegrace having lost it in a card game) and then descend into the cellar, leaving Scapegrace shackled to a pipe. They encounter the Torment in the basement living quarters, but he flees with Skulduggery’s gun into a labyrinth of tunnels under the town. In these tunnels, they are all pursued by a mass amount of spiders summoned by the Torment, and the three are separated. Whilst Valkyrie reunites with Skulduggery fairly shortly afterwards, Dia Moira finds herself trapped in the underground maze. Using her ability to see beneath the earth, she soon makes her way out of the tunnels to find that Skulduggery has shot and killed Valkyrie’s reflection in her place to gain the information they required. Valkyrie explained the situation regarding the Grotesquery to Dia Moira as they drive her to the Hibernian, where Skulduggery asks her to wait in case they find need for back up in their next task. Dia Moira agreed and remained with Kenspeckle and Tanith, preparing the Morgue for the arrival of the Grotesquery.

Dia Moira and Tanith are eventually called out to help transport everyone back to the Hibernian, where Dia Moira confronts Skulduggery about his plans to out Guild as a traitor without conclusive proof. The two enter a brief altercation where she attempts to convince him to either gather more evidence or give his accusation more time, out of fear of seeing his job title and resources stripped from him. They are interrupted when the Grotesquery awakens and kills Kenspeckle’s assistants, poisoning Tanith in the process. Everyone escapes to the Sanctuary, where Mr. Bliss and Kenspeckle heal Tanith, and Skulduggery and Valkyrie leave to visit Finbar Wrong and retrieve Skulduggery’s case. During their absence, Dia Moira goes underground and begins to search areas of interest for activity related to the Grotesquery and those who sought to utilise it. Sometime during Valkyrie’s family reunion, Dia Moira finds their quarry at Clearwater Hospital and scopes the place, only to be intercepted by Billy-Ray Sanguine. The two fight before Sanguine admits a sudden defeat and departure. The two briefly exchange mutual respect for each other’s earth based disciplines and Sanguine departs.

After a brief phone call, everyone showed up at Clearwater ready for the battle that ensued against the Grotesquery. During the fight, Dia Moira’s leg was crushed, snapping her fibula and cracking her patella, rendering her incapable of assisting Valkyrie in her final stand against the Grotesquery. After its defeat and her recuperation, she hears of Skulduggery’s removal as Prime Detective of the Sanctuary under Guild’s order. He visits her to explain the circumstances, and her disdain eventually turns to forgiveness over what she considers to be his foolish behaviour, and agrees to help him build his case to prove Guild’s guilt.

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