Axiom Truth
Axiom Truth by Enola

Artwork by EnolaAplomb

Character Information
Given Name Terence "Terry" Gant
Taken Name Axiom Truth
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth 20th of March 1936
Age 76
Magic Retenmancy
Faction The Australian Sanctuary
Titles Prime Detective
Location The Australian Sanctuary

Axiom Truth, Given Name Terence "Terry" Gant, is a mage working for the Australian Sanctuary as the Prime Detective.


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Axiom is open-minded, though sometimes struggles to understand the morals of those without empathy. He believes every life has a purpose and taking that life is completely out of the question and unforgivable. Axiom is a strong believer in second chances and rehabilitation.

Axiom keeps to himself, often spending days locked in his office absorbed in research for a case or studying magic of all sorts. He has a bad sense of time, almost always running late or rushing about. He frequently asks passersby the time.

Axiom believes in telling the truth, no matter the cost. He does not withhold information from someone, and explains everything about a subject when inquired about it. He understands that the truth can be damaging, but he is adamant pain from learning the truth is better than pain from being lied to.

Axiom follows the law and dislikes it when he breaks, by intention or not. Axiom only considers breaking the law when there is no other option.

Axiom is very intelligent and extremely analytical. He sometimes over thinks situations, but always acts in the most logical way he can think of. Axiom is a doing person, being very concerned with the issues around, no matter the important towards his goals.

Though responsible, Axiom holds very loosely onto money, not haggling or bothering to find a reasonable price when purchasing items. He has little care for his own belongings and is more interested in the possessions of others.

Due to his magic, Axiom has a photographic memory and needs to use his Memory Ball to store additional knowledge.

Axiom is more of a listener than a storyteller. He does not offer advice unless asked for it. At times he has stopped random passersby and socialised with them, gaining more knowledge. This is easy for Axiom since he has a high level of charisma despite being somewhat introverted.

Likes and dislikes

  • Likes: Documentaries, reading 70s novels, knowledge, magic, jazz music, lamb, the law, technology, newspapers.
  • Dislikes: Deceit, impatience, killing, those without empathy, modern music, breaking the law, money.

Physical Description

Axiom’s skin in pale, but has the capacity to become tanned with little sunlight. his eyes are light blue. His hair is a light fawn, but appears to look blond from lower angles. It is wavy and almost shoulder length. Generally, it curls messily, falling downwards in front of Axiom’s face.

Axiom has a rather bulky frame, but does not have big muscles or appears to be physically strong. Axiom can do days without eating and not realising it, as such his weight and build fluctuates regularly. In general though, Axiom is heavily build and somewhat strong, but lacks toned muscles. Despite how he mistreats his body, Axiom frequently walks everywhere, and is somewhat fit.

Axiom’s face is a mixture of plump and elongated. He has a defined jaw line, full cheeks and a round skull. His eyes are an average size and distance apart, and his nose looks too small for his face. He has thin lips and a tight mouth.


Axiom’s casual attire is a white button up long sleeve shirt and a loose tie. He keeps the sleeves unrolled and cuffs unbuttoned. He mainly wears loose black or brown trousers, without a belt. He rarely wears shoes, preferring to wear white socks or go bare foot.

For all formal occasions, Axiom wears a full suit and leather shoes.

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