Belligerent Crown
Belligerent Crown Full
Character Information
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
Birth June 28, 1493
Age Unknown
Magic Magebound
Weapons His Magebound Amplifier, a Shikomizue
Titles Doctor (Rarely used)
Location Fanon:Belligerent's Lab
Taken Name Belligerent Crown, is a 518-year-old Fanon:Magebound, and a prominent Magic-Science researcher. As a Magebound, Belligerent ages even slower than other sorcerers, appearing to be only about 26 despite his age. Though he is undeniably powerful, and intelligent enough to alter events as he wishes, Belligerent rarely leaves his lab for extended periods of time, or the magic sustaining it will fade and the lab will be engulfed by the void surrounding it. Belligerent is a selfish being, rarely helping out unless he has something to gain by doing so. Belligerent is extremely tall, and his unnaturally pale skin, and silvery white hair make him quite a distinctive individual.


Belligerent discovered his abilities by accident when he was young, and a year after found an echo stone in a rundown second hand store. Buying the stone and the charger because of their unusual looks, Belligerent was shocked to discover the Echo Stone’s abilities. The personality imprinted in the stone was that of an ancient sorcerer, who lived soon after the Ancients overthrew the Faceless Ones. It was this ancient sorcerer, Vehemence Iniquitous, who taught Belligerent his abilities. Eventually, Belligerent managed to gain access to Vehemence's former lab, and used his magic to stabilise the location, before renovating the place and updating its technology, using the lab to preform his own tests and experiments.


Generally, Belligerent is very quiet, preferring to keep to himself rather than interact with other people. However, when explaining his experiments or discussing the ideas he has, he can become quite talkative. It is because of this though, that he keeps his face composed in an expressionless, unsmiling mask to avoid betraying secrets. If you can get to know him, Belligerent can be quite loyal to his friends, though his experiments always come first and he is more likely to calmly stand by and observe a new foe for a moment then he is to jump in and defend a comrade. He is also a very inquisitive person, always trying to figure out how things work.

Physical Description

Belligerent has a somewhat thin body, with wiry muscles, giving him a lanky appearance. Standing at 193cm, with unnaturally pale skin and grey-streaked gold eyes, Belligerent is often considered an imposing figure. Belligerent’s hair is a silvery-white colour, about shoulder length and generally spiked in random directions. With all the random explosions he faces when experimenting with chemicals, Belligerent has long since given up on making his hair neat. His hands also feature a small network of scars, the randomly placed lines serving as an effective reminder to handle acid carefully.

Belligerent is usually seen wearing a labcoat over darkly coloured, baggy clothing, generally dark gray pants with a black or white t-shirt. The labcoat’s pockets usually containing a random selection of prototype devices requiring testing. He also wears a pair of white runners, sturdy and designed to resist most acids and all but the strongest of explosions.



Belligerent is a Magebound, with a speciality of sealing and binding magic. Belligerent's seals and binding spells are some of the most potent and intricate currently in existence, and few Non-Magebounds can break through them. Belligerent’s magic can also focused into an aura around him, negating the magic of everything and everyone else within it, rendering any mage, or vampire, within it a mortal until they leave. However this ability takes a lot of concentration and energy, so Belligerent rarely uses this ability, only ever using it is a last ditch technique.


Belligerent's Magebound Amplifier is his Shikomizue. Along with the normal Amplifier properties of being able to penetrate magic and amplify his own abilities, Belligerent's Shikomizue can absorb the magic that it blocks and negates, storing this power. Once enough magic has been stored by the shikomizue, it can be released in a quick pulse that negates any magic it touches. However, magic absorbed by this Amplifier is only retained for a short time, before the inherent Magebound magic negates it.

Other skills

Over his long life, Belligerent has learnt several different combat styles, and if required, he can mesh these together to utilise a style unique to him. With his height, and wiry muscles, Belligerent is a powerful individual even without his magic.



Belligerent's Shikomizue

Belligerent is almost always seen with his Shikomizue, a thin longsword concealed within an umbrella, which is also his Magebound Amplifier. Within his many pockets, he also has a pen and a notebook, to take notes and jot down ideas wherever he is, and a lighter. The pockets of Belligerent's labcoat are generally filled with vials and flasks, each containing either a current experiment or some sort of explosive or acid. He also keeps a special key with him, which can be used to temporally open a gateway to his lab from any doorway.


  • To find a scientific explanation for the existence of magic
  • To dissect a Faceless One
  • To dissect a creature that feeds on magic in an attempt to discover the source of this ability
  • To find a way to bind the powers of a Vampire
  • To set up a doorway from his lab to the Irish Sanctuary.

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