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Blake Knight
Character Information
Given Name Tom Raymond
Taken Name Blake Knight
Species Human, fused with a Remnant
Gender Male
Birth 1998
Age 20 (16 during The Dying of the Light)
Magic Necromancer
Weapons Necromancy Gauntlet (currently) Cleavers scythe (temporarily) the God-Killing bow (currently)
Titles Junior Operative (formally) Detective (formally) The Last of The Remnants
Location Unknown

Blake Knight aka The Last of the Remnants (Given Name being Tom Raymond) was Valkyrie's replacement when she left for five years after the events of The Dying of the Light who has appeared to work with Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Tanith and Fletcher in the fan-fiction New Age set in the year 2019 (when Valkyrie reunited with Skulduggery) He was originally a Junior Operative (a Sanctuary Mage in training) then when he started to work with Skulduggery, he became a Detective until when he was revealed to be the Unnamed Remnant (Dying of the Light) that possessed Dexter Vex he was stripped of that title.


The Remnant that has possessed Blake was among the thousands originally trapped in the Midnight Hotel. It late then joined the other Remnants in worshiping Darquesse until being trapped agin in the Soul Catcher. It was later released to serve Darquesse agin during The Dying of the Light. During The Dying of The Light it possessed Dexter Vex at fought against Darquesse and when she pulled it out of Dexter it flew away and possessed Blake. Not much is know about Blake before being possessed other than he was against Ravels ideas of sorcerers controlling mortal, it's possible he was imprisoned when Ravels plans went into action. What happened afterwards is unknown but he was in the Sanctuary for training whilst the Darquesse threat was happening. About three and a half years later Blake is asked to work with Skulduggery as his partner, being wary Blake aggress and then worked together alongside Tanith, Rue, Fletcher and Bane. At some point after The Dying of The Light, he was possessed by a Remnant during the final battle against Darquesse and he was trained by Morinund so he was able to hid it until he revealed himself saving Valkyrie but when Morinund was killed by an unknown shooter, he became The Last of the Remnants.

New Age

He is first seen with Tanith and Fletcher as they are reunited with Valkyrie. He attempts to make friends with her but she is less than pleased to meet him. He then helps the team fight Eliza Scorn after her attempt to over throw China. After fighting her first monster, Blake reveals to Valkyrie that he is a Remnant. Afterwards he is imprisoned but is released after the rest of Eliza's monsters and gets Fletcher to teleport to his penthouse. He then helps the team fight off Eliza's monsters with the last three God-Killers. He then steals the God-Killing bow saying "the gauntlet will only get me so far". It is unknown of his current location.

Powers and abilities

He is a Necromancer. He keeps his magic in a gauntlet that goes from his wrist to his elbow. Skulduggery has Mentioned that he can levitate like Lord Vile and he has also shown that he can Shadow-walk. He can also do other standard necromancy abilities like creating blades and whips of shadows. He is also very strong as he is able to carry and use a Cleavers scythe. He also has the skills to also use a scythe in combate.


As a Remnant he originally possessed the same personality traits as other Remnants (aggression, hatred and no conscious) but after five years of tutoring from Moribund. whilst he was shown to be aggravated quite easily when he was arguing with Valkyrie. He was now shown to be often be quite peaceful, though this might have been cover from his Remnant behaviour but it was revealed to be because of the fact that he's faked a conscious and is trying to redeem himself for his actions. He also seems to like reading.


Skulduggery: The two have worked together for 18 months out of the five years of Valkyries absence so it can be assumed that the two get along quite well, however Skulduggery has claimed that Blake was wary of working with him as he said "most people who work with you have either ended up dead, evil or disappearing" but it would seem that Blake has withdrawn that statement. He became quite hostile towards Blake when he found out he was a Remnant.

Valkyrie: It is unknown what their relationship is as they have only recently met but Valkyrie seems to dislike Blake at first due to the fact that he replaced her but Blake seems to not want to at the very least aggravate her more. They seemed to try to get along and made a great leap when they found out that Valkyrie was worried Skulduggery had forgotten her and when Blake thought he wasn't good enough to work with Skulduggery. She is the first one to find out he's fused with a Remnant.

Fletcher: The two have worked together for 18 months and seem to have developed a standard friendships as the great each other with normal hellos and seem to get along quite well. The fact he's a Remnant doesn't seem to affect their friendship.

physical description

He is a male of about 20 years of age, he has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, he is 5ft 9, has a Scottish accent, he wears black steel toed boots, black trousers, t-shirt and on occasion a black trench coat. Being possessed by a Remnant he could make his veins and lips go black. He then dumped his trench coat and acquired a Cleavers coat and scythe but in a fight the scythe is damaged and he replaces it by stealing the God-Killing bow, as a result he now has a quiver of arrows strapped to his waist.


  • it is possible he's had his Surge due to his age
  • he is Scottish
  • he is willing to trust vampires to the point when they try to kill him
  • he is capable of morphing shadows to look like the tentacles that Slenderman has by letting the shadows crawl up his arm to his back then go outwards
  • When fighting he let's his veins and lips go black as a method of scaring off his opposition
  • The author of New Age, Fanpop user xi_omega, announced Blake's Given Name to be Tom Raymond
  • Due to the fact that the Unnamed Remnant (Dying of the Light) possessed Dexter Vew during The Dying of The Light. This same Remnant is now possessing Blake.
  • He likes Scotch
  • He is based on the wiki user The-winter-shadow
  • due to his current age. He would had been 15/16 during The Dying of The Light



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