Blitzel Lions are species of humaniod Lions with a few more abilities. Blitzel Lions have two forms, Human and Lion form, human form looks like a hairy human but there a bit stronger and faster then normal humans also able to take more hits. When they get angry they start to turn into the Lion form, there teeth grow big and sharp and the nails turn black and hard, sharpening and start to curl . there hair grows turning into a mane and the body hair pratically covers there body, there eyes turn yellow and there pupils turn into a diamond shape, there body grow almost to twice there size( but are hunched over), there skin hardens and there strengh and speed triples. They are also sworn enemys of Vampires, they can spot one from a mile away and when they do they tranform and attacks until one of them are dead. Unlike Vampires they can change at will but lose some sanity in doing so, they'll be able to tell who is allie and enemy but are more vicous, not caring for strategy just pure power which makes or breaks them.

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