Dexihilius Harrow
Character Information
Given Name Unknown
True Name Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown time in the 1780s
Age 350
Magic ability to absorb raw energy
Weapons Any weapon available,dual Makarovs
Titles Prime Detective(former)
Location London,England
Relations Unnamed parents (Deceased)

Siren Lyre (Sister)

Dexihilius Harrow is an English Sorcerer and is adept. His powers include the ability to absorb raw energy and redirect it or augment himself.

Prime Detective

Harrow was once the English Sanctuary's Prime Detective before being fired for killing most of the targets and becoming obsessed with power. He now works as an assasin for hire and one of the Sanctuary's most wanted men.


Harrow usaully wears a suit much like Skulduggery and a blood red/scarlett trenchcoat. His suits are reinforced much like Valkyrie's armoured clothes


Hallow's attitude is very cold and calculating but also very cocky believing that he can take on the whole English Sanctuary (though it does seem possible if he absorbed someting like the blast of a nuke). He is very phsycopathic as he has laughed at the sight of one of his kills.


Dexihilius Harrow was born at some point in the early 1780s. He mentions that his parents were extremely wealthy people, his father was an alcoholic and a gambler with too much luck for his own good, and his mother was obsessed with her own beauty. Deciding that he was better of without them he killed them both and inherited their fortune. When he was older he joined the British Sanctuary and rose up the ranks. But what the Sanctuary didn't know was that he kept killing his clients due to boredom. He did however complete a lot of cases, but considers it 'cheating', since he was the murderer in all of them. He kept on doing this for a long time until being exposed by Nil Ghastly gaining a hated for him ever since. Wanting more money than the Sanctuary could offer he became an assassin, and gained a ferocious reputation for his cunning, ruthlessness and from committing his kills with almost nothing left of the bodies.

Powers and abilities

Harrow was an Adept who, like Tanith Low, focused quite firmly on physical combat, whilst simultanously enhancing his magical abilities. His powers allow him to absorb some energy like a grenade explosion and cause that amount of explosive power by simply touching someone basically he was able to absorb energy in all its forms, proportionality augmenting all his physical parameters until finally metabolizing it. This made him extremely difficult to defeat in battle, as all the kinetic force from an enemy's strike or projectile assaults will ultimately be nullified while strengthening him.

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