Dynamo Stone
Character Information
Given Name Ramses McCain
Taken Name Dynamo Stone
True Name Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth 14/11/1600
Age Over 300 years old
Death N/A
Magic Telekinesis
Faction The Dead Men (Formerly)
Weapons Cards
Titles Magician (To mortals)
Location Dublin
Relations Unknown

Dynamo Stone is an extremely powerful sorcerer and a travelling magician who entertains crowds at the Gaiety Theatre. In reality, he is a mysterious war veteran who has spent the majority of his life hiding from his archenemy, the rival magician Korath Shame. He is a mage with the powers to manipulate kinetic energy and physical constructs with his mind, as well as communicate telepathically with others.



Powers and abilities


Dynamo has the mental power of communicating telepathically with other beings, including animals and even reportedly vampires. He is able to give commands to people from the other side of the world, and even give information to them subconsciously so that they do not know they are being communicated with by him. His telepathy is limited to Skulduggery Pleasant apparently, because he is a dead man. Dynamo is able to use his telepathic powers to extreme degrees, for example being able to wipe the memories of others, place two people's personalities in their opposing bodies. When he communicated with Valkyrie telepathically, it was like hearing a voice resonating through a cave.

His telepathy also extends to other levels, for example managing to communicate with peole in their dreams and instill messages in their heads when they wake up. He can also astrally project himself into other individuals so that he can communicate through them, for example speaking to Skulduggery through the mind of a snake. For this reason, it is believed that he has an awareness of the world around him that rivals the network and library of China Sorrows. He can transport himself and other people to an 'astral realm' so that they can communicate, meet and even fight from there.

Because he is telepathic, he is able to detect the presence of other people, which is why he is extremely difficult to track - he detects the mind of somebody looking for him and arranges to leave before they arrive. Dynamo can also place illusions in other people, and alter their perception so that he appears invisible - he can also create other illusions such as creating three replicas of himself in the eyes of his enemies, and even make them believe he is attacking from one angle when he is attacking from the other. This power makes him frightening because he can detect the worst fears of other people and then project them physically before their very eyes. 


Dynamo is an extremely powerful telekinetic, enabling him to move things with a mental command - this includes physical constructs and objects of varying shapes, sizes and weight (Skulduggery claims to have once seen him levitate a house with both hands to try and bring a criminal out of hiding). There are a certain ways he can levitate an object, and sometimes he requires to use a manual object (For example a cane) to do so. He was able to individually levitate a stream of Tarot cards in circles around him, before using them as distractions. Dynamo could also rip a table to pieces with a clench of his fist, send people flying through the air and slamming into a surface hard enough to break bones or even shatter them, and enable himself to fly without needing any object to channel the needed energy to do so.

When in combat, he was frightening because he sent scores of opponents flying through the air, into one another and even turned their own weapons agianst them through telekinesis. Dynamo could freeze people in movement with a snap of his fingers, dismember walls brick by brick and, at one point, levitated a sword to duel an opponent without personally holding it, and to Valkyrie it looked like the sword was actually being wielded by an invisible swordsman as opposed to it just arcing aimlessly about him. In terms of using other weapons, Dynamo could ignite grenades and manipulate the mechanisms of guns without even having to raise a finger to do so. In addition, he could cause a set of knives to come from his cloak and strike individual targets, even pursue the targets when they tried to retreat.

In addition to being able to telekinetically manipulate objects, he was also very practised in kinetic energy manipulation. He was able to alter the gravitational constructs of an object, enabling him to survive falling from a great height and thus land like he landed on a huge bed. He could also increase the kinetic power of an object, for example causing his cards to fly with the strength and speed of high-velocity bullets, as well as cause his cloak to remain weightless but to hit with the impact of a freight train, so he can use it as a melee weapon.


In terms of skills, Dynamo is apparently a skilled manipulator, but this is more attributed to his telepathic powers than his actual personality - however, he does have an undeniable charm about him so he is able to use his charm offensive to manipulate some people. The fact that he has remained anonymous since the fall of Mevolent attributes somewhat to his intelligence and ability to manipulate and conceal his appearance officially for so long and so precisely.

Dynamo is theoretically a master swordsman, since he was able to telekinetically wield a rapier with the skill of a true swordsman, knowing complicated manoeuvres and strategies and methods of swordsmanship.

When his magical powers fail him, which is incredibly rare for obvious reasons, Dynamo has shown himself to be dangerously efficient in combat, able to outmanoeuvre a Cleaver without being scratched once and even being strong enough to knock a Cleaver back with a flying kick. He apparently telepathically studied martial arts from the minds of several combat experts, making him a prolific fighter and also making him a frightening person to think about confronting. Ghastly remembers that Dynamo once even fought Baron Vengeous toe-to-toe, meaning that he was an excellent warrior.


Dynamo Stone is extremely charming and gentlemanly by nature - Valkyrie even contemplated that he was Skulduggery, but sexier - and speaks in an iron-toned voice that makes him captivating to hear. He easily made friends, even as a child, and Skulduggery confessed that he was originally jealous of how Dynamo made so many friends so quickly and even challenged Ghastly for being closer to him than he was to Skulduggery. Despite his popularity, Dynamo was very modest and took every praise he received in his stride. His popularity and charm also made him an excellent stage performer because the audience saw believability in his act. In addition to politeness, Dynamo was sophisticated and reserved, speaking gently and never losing his temper.

His serenity also made him rather unpredictable, which was reinforced by the fact that it was literally nigh-impossible to look him in the eye. People felt relaxed around him, but the paranoid became further concerned around him because his charisma could easily have been a facade. Dynamo was certainly a skilled actor and chameleon and could easily feign emotions and opinions convincingly enough for them to be believed by almost anyone, making him deceptively intelligent.  Dynamo apparently had a number of eccentric and refined, if strange tastes - his ideal meal was an expensive 1815 Napoleonic brandy with a McDonald's big mac and fries, complete with a sea view and piano music in the background.

Not only is he eccentric in several ways, but he is also extremely subtle, and lacks the flamboyance that Skulduggery presents so prominently. He often responds to situations calmly or with a flash of a smile and even went so far as to treat his own archenemy with extreme respect, offering him comfort if he elected to not continue his activities ever again. However, Dynamo was not incapable of bringing out the big guns, and was described to be a formidable opponent in the best of times - Mevolent even personally sent Dreylan Scarab to assassinate him, meaning he believed the man to be a threat. Valkyrie even felt terrified when she saw even a glimmer of rage in Dynamo's eyes, and felt the same way she would feel if she had to defuse an atomic bomb - like she had to tread unspeakably carefully.

When he met Skulduggery for the first time in nearly a hundred years, the two of them embraced like brothers, indicating that the two of them were on incredibly good terms. Dynamo remarked that he knew Skulduggery better than even China Sorrows, and the fact that Skulduggery didn't respond aggressively to this means that Skulduggery concurs with this. At one point, during a chess game, when Skulduggery was beating him, he (For the first time) used his telepathy to enter his friend's mind, but saw something truly, abominably frightening inside him, which persuaded him to never try to enter Skulduggery's mind again - this was later revealed to be the foetal presence of Lord Vile, before Skulduggery died and became Lord Vile.


Dynamo has historically been described as darkly handsome, much to the chagrin of Skulduggery Pleasant, and when Valkyrie finally meets him she is inclined to agree. He has a very finely-carved facial structure, with an oval jaw, introverted cheekbones and a permanent look of cunning charm. His combed, long hair is metallic silver and a widow's peak. His eyes are a frightening shade of purple, and it is impossible to look him in the eye as a result - it is hinted that this was a result of an attempt to poison him.

Dynamo's dress code consists of having three red metal rings on his left hand, wearing a threepiece black dinner suit, bowler hat and a dark blue tie. He also wears a voluminous black cloak with red linen on the inside, and when he moves they look like two huge bat-wings. He carries with him, in each pocket, a deck of cards which are his primary weapons in combat. His suit was designed by Ghastly Bespoke, and it is implied that the pockets are much larger on the inside and thus can contain a number of things, since Dynamo has been shown to produce a rapier from his breast pocket.

Dynamo drives a black 1932 Daimler 6.5-litre Double-Six 40/50.

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