Elegy Locke

The Nightmare Man

Elegy Locke is a Fearmonger of undetermined age, most famous for his acts of cruelty during the the War under orders from Quintin Strom. After the war, when his actions were uncovered, fearing that he would be implicated in Locke's crimes, Strom, who was at the time placed to become Grand Mage, tried to get the other Elders to agree to his execution. However, at the time, the Atlantis Maximum Security Prison (nicknamed "The Depths") was being opened and needed a warden. Remembering his capacity for enforcing security and order, the English Sanctuary recommended Locke be put in charge with the conditions that he is not allowed to contact the surface, leave the prison and must have a contingent of Cleavers monitoring him at all times.

As a Fearmonger, Locke's magic is similar to that of China Sorrows, with the difference being he inspires fear instead of love. Being around Locke causes any sentient, living creature to become afraid. Prolonged exposure to him causes persistent paranoia and nightmares for days afterwards. Eye contact with a Fearmonger causes petrification and, if maintained long enough, death. As such, in order to go unnoticed, Locke wears sunglasses at all times, citing an eye condition as the reason. This is the Fearmonger's only real offensive move, as the rest of their magic is based around deception and throwing the enemy off balance, allowing the Fearminger to kill them more easily, or flee if necessary. Once he has worked out what his victims are afraid of, Locke can "tune" his Fearmongering to them and cause hallucinations.

Locke is the primary antagonist of the fictional Skulduggery Pleasant book "Skulduggery Pleasant: To Save The World".


Before "To Save the World" 

Locke was born several hundred years ago (the exact date is known) in London, England. At a young age, he began displaying signs of mental instability and high aggression, often provoking fights with local children simply to alleviate his boredom by beating his victims unconcious. At the age 0f 17, his girflriend was stolen by another local boy. The boy was later found eviscerated, and the girl's body was discovered locked inside a chest down an abandoned mineshaft. At the time, Locke was in his room, reading.

At the age of 20, Locke settled on Fearmongering as his chosen discipline, alienating his family with his choice. They disowned him for it, and were all killed in a horrific horseracing accident a week later. Locke, at the time, was in his room, reading. 

Locke later became security advisor to Quintin Strom, his knowledge of how to crush people down into the dirt and keep them in line proving useful in his later occupation as head of the Dark Wire, Strom's secret police during the War. His job was to monitor the home front, root out spies and crush dissidence. Locke proved exceptional at his job and within weeks had the entire country under surveillance. Nobody stepped out of line, or they were detained at the Black Cage in Rotherhithe, and after extensive reeducation deemed fit to return to society. After running out of spies and dissidents to capture, Locke's next step in procuring absolute security for his country was to begin calculating potential future enemies of the state. Kidnapping several seers, Locke attempted to extract knowledge of the future but ultimately failed. However, one proved useful to him. While attempting to coerce the identities of future dissedents from one seer, he was shown a vision of a world thrown into darkness and despair by an unimaginably powerful sorcoress. For the first time since his childhood, Locke felt afraid. Deciding that the planet needed saving, he began to plan. The seer who shared the vision with him and his brethren later washed up in the Thames, all missing their eyes. Locke was, at the time, in his office reading a field report.

His iron grip on domestic affairs and belief in respect through fear soon earned Locke the nickname "Nightmare Man". Locke used this to full effect, and soon became shrouded in myth. Seeming entirely omnipresent, the unofficial rule of Elegy Locke became a dark time within a dark time for the English sorcerors. Locke soon decided that simply holding one country was not nearly enough. He required a more proactive stance in planet-protection and decided the first step was to remove Mevolent. From their, he would need people monitoring each country. Locke decided that a group of three well respected sorcorers ruling each country while he put in place his contingencies for the Great Danger, as he came to call it would have to do and would mean he would not need to police every country himself.

Locke set about tracking down the Dimension Shunter Silas Nadir. Taking him captive in the Black Cage, Locke forced Nadir to show his technicians the art of Dimension Shunting. After months of study, Locke's men were able to reverse engineer the technique through the use of symbols. Locke ordered that Nadir's mind be wiped and had him dumped on the streets of Glasgow, at the other end of the country and after they showed him how to care the symbols correctly, had his men killed too. Realising that most of his actions over the past century were illegal,  Locke came to the conclusion that he could not be seen to have has a direct hand in the creation of the sactuaries or they would be rejected. He therefore infiltrated both sides, pretending to be a different double agent on each side and set up the final battle between the future-sanctuaries and Mevolent outside Dublin. Days earlier, Locke had spent hours carving the Dimension Shunting symbols around the field in an intricate web, to amplify their power. Setting up several makeshift dishes around the field to reflect the symbol's power back on themselves, Locke set up camp and waited.

When both sides arrived at the field, Locke made sure to wait before springing his trap. He waited for the sanctuary to get desperate and try a "last throw of the dice" move that usually seemed to work. As soon as the beam hit, Locke activated the symbols using the blast as a smokescreen while the symbols shunted Mevolent and several troops into another dimension, where they would cease to be his problem. Putting the disappearance of several of their men to being incinerated by the blast, the good guys congratulated themselves on a hard earned victory, little suspecting Locke's hand in everything. As he crept away, back to the Black Cage, Locke knew he would need a new plan to deal with the Great Danger. Ripping a hole that large in the space time continuum had been risky the first time round, and doing it again on the same frequency could pull Mevolent back in or put a severe dent in the universe. Or cause the complete collapse of all realities. Deciding he would need something even more powerful anyway, Locke had a Stormbringer cause the field to catch fire through a carefully timed lightning strike and some dynamite. This destroyed the sigils, preventing his actions from being uncovered.

The next step in Locke's plan was to begin setting up his sanctuaries to keep an eye on things for him hile he prepared for the future. Pretending to be several high ranking mages through letters, and having false memories planted in those he impersonated, Locke set about pushing the people he wanted into power. Anybody else who made a bid for the position of Elder soon met a violent, but not suspicious looking end. Locke was, of course, in his room reading at the times of each of their deaths. He soon realised, however, that he would need provacy. People still did not like Locke and many cried out for his execution. Using his fearmongering, he convinced Strom that he would be implicated in Locke's crimes for putting him in power. Strom considered having him killed, terrified of the consequences if he didn't. However, as death would put a spanner in the works for his plans, Locke steered him away from this course of action by reminding him of the new Atlantis Prison. Strom (with some help from Locke) decided that that would be the perfect place to keepthe Nightmare Man. As warden.

This controversial decision could have ended Strom's political career there and then, had Locke not silenced the loudest voices crying out in protest. After being locked down there, Locke set about having his former comrades arrested and brought down to him under assumed names. Here, they began working on new planetary security measures, such as keeping Remnants locked up neark Kerry and comissioning (thorugh several middle men) Kenspeckle Grouse to build him a Desolation Engine. Locke proved somewhat trigger happy, as several times he became convinced the end was nigh. The first time, he let the remnants loose, a mess that had t be cleaned up by Skulduggery pleasant. The second time he remote detonated the Desolation Engine, destroying a small town after a locked up seer told him the Great Danger would come from there in exchange for a shortened sentence (after Locke found out he had lied, the seer was thrown out of the prison into the ocean where the pressure crushed him. His body is still floating around outside as a reminder to the other prisonsers).

Locke was "trapped" underwater throughout most of the series, so had no direct involvement in any of the events between "Skulduggery Pleasant" and "To Save the World" (takes place after Dark Days) 

To Save the World

Will be added later


Elegy Locke is not a nice person. He has little to no regard for human life or civil rights, believing whole heartedly that people need absolute security over freedom (hence his former positions as head of Quintin Strom's secret police, the Dark Wire). He is restrained, as beneath his calm exterior, Locke is highly aggressive and prone to acts of cruelty in order to intimidate people into obeying his orders. This is mostly due to his lack of offensive magic, forcing him to rely on brutality to keep his men in line. He is highly determined, rarely allowing anything to sway his decisions and almost never showing outward signs of pain. The only way to stop Locke is to do something to him that will render him unconcious or instantly kill him.


  • Incredibly high intellect. Locke has an IQ of over 200.
  • Complete knowledge of the human anatomy, its strengths and its weaknesses and built a fighting style around this.
  • Eidetic memory, Locke remembers everything he experiences.

Quotes by (and about) Elegy Locke

"The ground is rushing up to meet me. They say you'll stay awake the whole way down. I'd love to know whether they're right. Another time, perhaps"

-Locke contemplating his imminent demise

"You're sick. You're twisted. You'll kill us all"

"Kill you? My dear detective, contrary to what you may believe, I plan to save the world"

-Locke, before revealing his intentions to Skulduggery

"Why was he laughing as he died?" Who laughs about that?"

"Evidently, he does."

"But why?"

"Maybe his existence had become and endless loop of agony and boredom, and the euphoria from being freed from it overcame him. Maybe he wanted to see whether Carnage truly would kill him, and he was taking solace in the knowledge that he had managed to twist a good man into a monster like him. Or maybe, just maybe Valkyrie, he was just insane"

-Locke's mental state is discussed by Skulduggery and Valkyrie

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