As one of the more unusual Adept styles, there are several key factors that differentiate Magebound magic from the rest. Every Magebound's Physical Binding spells vary in appearance and colour, no two being exactly the same. These slight variations in size and appearance also gives each Magebound a few unique uses to their magic, with stitches excelling for binding organic substances, but chains being superior when used to move or seal heavy objects.

One aspect that is unique to Magebounds however, is a slight lengthening of the lifespan. With the average Magebound living 1.3 times longer than the average mage, due to the unusual nature of the magic that flows through them. Pure Magebound magic acts like magical antimatter, negating other magic it comes into contact with. As such, when one passes through their Surge and chooses the Magebound discipline, they are unable to utilize any other discipline. Magebounds are never magically ambidextrous. Other Adepts may be able to utilize very minor Magebound spells, but no matter how much they practice and train and increase their strength, they are unable to do more than this.

The magic specialization of the Magebound Discipline revolves around using the magic to bind and trap mages, and other magical beings (Such as vampires), and binding magic itself, to cancel out already existing spells.

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