Marco Strange is an Australian Sorcerer and magically ampidexturus. His powers include being and Elemental and a Teleporter.

Marco Strange
Character Information
Taken Name Marco Strange
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age About 350
Magic Elemental, Teleporter
Titles Sanctuary Agent,
Location Queensland, Australia

Prime Detective

Marco was once the Australian Sanctuary's Prime Detective before being fired for not taking his job seriously enough. Axiom then became Prime Detective, the Realationship between Axiom and Marco his a rough one and Axiom does hate Marco but as Marco puts it "His Distressed by my exceptional intellect and skill". He now works with his partner Benjamin/Benji Zeno as the Sanctuary's Demon Hunting operatives.


Marco ussaully wears nice suits and DC blue shoes. His suits are reinforced much like Valkyrie's armoured clothes


Marco is a man of action, cool hair and immaturity. He takes little care of the repercussions of his actions. His attitiude is most like Gracious O'Callaghan's attitude

Alternate Dimension

Marco comes from an alternate dimension were Skulduggery's magic lore and Amber's magical/supernatural creatures


- He now hunts Demons

- He is the worlds best Teleporter

- His partner is Ben Zeno, a Energy Thrower

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