Maxwell Tenacious is an Exorcist from the American Sanctuary. He was posted in the Irish Sanctuary during the War to help in their efforts. He was presumed dead for a while and made a return when he accidentally ran into Skulduggery Pleasant.


Maxwell is a brown skinned man with short hair and hazel eyes. He has a toned yet thin body and is of average height. He is usually seen wearing his favourite armoured leather trench coat with a small black neck gaiter which he can pull up to hide his face. He also wears a black fedora hat.


Maxwell's is a jokey, calm and laid back person with a strong sense of justice. He was brought up to see that magic is a powerful gift which should be used for good and not for the greedy desire of others. He dislikes it when mages use their powers for evil and personal gain and hopes to one day live on a peaceful world (though he herself knows how unlikely that is). Maxwell is also presented as a sharp witted person.

Powers and Abilities

Expert Gunslinger

Maxwell carries around with him a nickel plated M1911 pistol with plenty of ammo to spare. Maxwell is an excellent gunslinger. He can. Pull off the most precise shots and is capable of amazing feats. (One of which involved shooting an assailant around the corner by curving the bullet). He is also a quick reloader and claims his fastest time to be around 2.57 seconds when last timed.


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