Nihilus Scarr
Character Information
Given Name Unknown
Taken Name Nihilus Scarr
True Name Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown time in the 1780s
Age Over 300
Death N/A
Magic Wall-Walking
Weapons Dual Tokarev pistols, dual knives
Titles Prime Detective
Location Nomadic
Relations Unnamed parents (Deceased)

Siren (Sister, Deceased)

Nihilus Scarr is an Adept sorcerer with the ability to walk on all solid surfaces, who works independently as a mercenary, bounty hunter, assassin and detective for Sanctuaries all over the world.


Nihilus Scarr was born at some point in the early 1780s. He mentions that his parents were extremely wealthy people, but also disturbingly extravagant and hedonistic: his father was an alcoholic and a gambler with too much luck for his own good, and his mother was obsessed with her own beauty. His only source of solace was his younger sister, an energy-thrower who called herself Siren. When he was twelve, he chose the ability to walk on walls and other solid surfaces. They lived in a mansion in Wiltshire, and the siblings were as good as spoiled, but one day Nihilus befriended a peasant boy in the local village and his parents heard about it. They disapproved, but Nihilus rebelled to them, and in one incident they punched the boy across the face, breaking his jaw permanently.

The villagers, enraged, gathered and stormed their mansion, hanging their parents from a tree. Nihilus escaped the attack with his sister. The two were taken in by a man who called himself Judas, who revealed that he was a member of a group of undercover assassins who called themselves the League of Daggers. They trained the siblings in unarmed and armed combat, stealth and enabled them to hone their powers to perfection. Both of them excelled at what was practiced, but Siren grew reluctant to kill in cold blood, much to her brother's confusion. On their first mission, they were ordered to kill a Gist-sorcerer named simply Mirthless, who had joined Mevolent during the War. During the attack on Mirthless's house, Scarr succeeded in injuring the man, but Mirthless's Gist was unleashed and it ripped through Siren's stomach, severing most of her organs, before the man made his escape. Nihilus cradled his sister as she died, and became inspired to hunt down Mirthless and kill him.

Nihilus became an assassin, and gained a ferocious reputation for his cunning, ruthlessness and from committing his kills from almost impossible angles and in hugely difficult environments - which, even for his Adept discipline, was vastly impressive. He spent the next fifty years of his life hunting down Mirthless, travelling the world until he finally cornered him in London. The two of them met and Mirthless taunted him with his sister's 'disgraceful' death', but Nihilus did not react at all. The two men fought savagely, until Mirthless released his Gist. The Gist attacked Nihilus, scarring him across his cheek, but Nihilus evaded the Gist and pressed his knife into the man's heart, ready to kill him. Mirthless begged for mercy, offering him anything he wanted, but Nihilus stabbed him in the heart, snarling "I want my sister back, you son of a bitch!".

Judas confronted him the next day, claiming that revenge was not the way of the League of Daggers, and that Nihilus was a disgrace. Nihilus responded calmly by saying that it wasn't revenge, but balance. Outraged, Judas attacked him, but Nihilus won and killed him, having fought the man multiple times in training and familiarised his fighting style completely. Nihilus was hunted down by the League for murdering Judas, so Nihilus single-handedly destroyed the organisation by killing its key members and somehow rehabilitating its students so that there was no trace left in the world of the League of Daggers but himself. Nihilus then struck out on his own, working as an assassin and bounty hunter for a number of organisations all over the world, being renowned and widely feared for never failing a mission or losing a fight in his entire life. Because he was the only remaining example of the League of Daggers, his fighting style and training was never duplicated or passed on, making him exemplary in several ways.

Nihilus Scarr became a figure of legend, to such an extent that his life story was a horror tale that children told each other at night - however, Nihilus himself notes that they miss out one key factor with every person the story is passed on to. It is confirmed that he fought against Mevolent and even battled Baron Vengeous, severely wounding him during the fight. However, despite hunting him for many decades, Skulduggery never managed to find him or hunt him down at all. Nihilus was rumoured to have died in a bombing incident in Dubai, but it is revealed that not only had he survived, but he had orchestrated the incident so that he disappeared completely - apparently, the American Sanctuary were getting too close for comfort in tracking him down.


Nihilus was renowned globally for being a ruthless, cold-hearted and extremely efficient assassin and a pitiless killer at heart. However, the true image is something else entirely. Nihilus Scarr is in fact a very sympathetic and civilised person. As a child, he was friendly and adventurous, and willing to befriend others his parents believed were beneath him. He was independent, and rebelled against his parents when they disapproved of his social circle. When taken in by the League of Daggers, he became a very proficient killer. However, his conscience came in the form of his sister, who was the one person he truly cared about. When she was killed, he spent the next fifty years hunting down the man who killed her. He also killed his own mentor when the latter disapproved of him taking revenge for his sister's murder. 

Powers and abilities

Nihilus was an Adept who, like Tanith Low, focused quite firmly on physical combat, whilst simultanously enhancing his magical abilities. His Adept discipline was the ability to walk or suspend himself perfectly off solid surfaces as if they had their own gravitational pull, which means he can stand upright whilst on a vertical surface or an overhanging surface. This is how he managed to take apparently impossible angles and positions to make a kill. He can also latch on to surfaces whilst falling from great heights, enabling him to survive life-threatening situations.

Nihilus was not only an Adept, but also an extremely efficient person when it came to combat situations. He was in the peak of the human physical potential, with superb strength, reflexes and stamina. He was also a freerunning and Parkour expert, and a superb marksman with small firearms, and was able to strike his targets precisely, at long distances, whilst falling from great heights, blinded, or even whilst clinging to a surface with his hands or feet via his Adept discipline. He was also an expert in armed and unarmed combat, and an excellent martial artist due to his training with the League of Daggers. His fighting style was calculating, decisive and incredibly unpredictable and incorporated his wall-walking abilities, enabling him to single-handedly defeat Cleavers, vampires, even other members of the League of Daggers - not to mention Baron Vengeous himself. His signature weapons were his dual knives and his dual Walther PPK pistols, which he always keeps on his person. Nihilus is also extremely stealthy and hugely difficult to pin down or track.

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