Raymond Blitz is a natural Kineticist and a talented Kick Boxer, hes very unstable and dangerous , when he or somone he likes is attacked, he will kill the attacker and enyone who'll try and stop him. Raymond is very determined and competitive, not giving up until he wins.

Raymond Blitz
Given Name: Cameron Smith

Magic: Kineticist

Age: 21
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Dexter Vex

Raymond is good friends with Dexter Vex



Raymod lived in a small village called Hawkburg Village in England, living a happy life until a robber came in and killed his little sister and sent his parents into care, Raymond (known as Cameron back then) ran away and after 2 years of running he was taken in by a kick boxer called Samuel Fritzgerald and taught him kick boxing. Raymond( finally taking his name) was a natural, able to take and give strong hits and when he turned seventeen Samuel could no longer teach him and so he sent him to a secret kick boxing tournament. Raymond won every fight and soon the money was piling in for Samuel as his champion boxer won every fight, soon Samuel was pulling in the millions and was upsessed with money and started sending Raymond to tournaments around the world, Raymond noticed how mad his tutor had gone and tried to talk some sense into Samuel, he was ignored and sent away to Chicago to fight. After winning the tournament he ran of, betraying his tutor who went into a fit of rage and sent his best men after Raymond but who always ended up in the hospital. A year later he ran into Dexter Vex who helped him escape two Vampires sent to retrieve him and they stayed good friend. Raymond went on missoins with Dexter, met the other dead men and helped Skulduggery with his cases. But Raymonds down fall is he is very cocky, taking life threatening risk, but he always pulled through and his achivements are very high and even had a close fight against Ghastly Bespoke.


Raymond is one of last Kineticists, able to take hits from bullets which only bruise him and which only makes him angry, after Mr. Bliss died, he took the place of strongest man in the world.

Aquipment and Clothing

Raymond wears leather Jackets and Sunglasses to protect his eyes, he has a machete on his back ( which the Jacket conseals) but prefers to use his fists in battle, he wears black jeans and trainers. he has a small hand gun with a silencer and he drives a Black and Red Mercedes Benz AMG.

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