Names: Shaddandriel Hwyl, Taken Name: Salcouth, True Name

Power: An advanced mixture of earth elemental magic and adept magic called a Terramancer, Shaddandriel is able to summon and create golems of 5 different types. These golems are made of things created in the earth or the earth itself. The 1st type is a snake made of dirt and sand, with with the ability to use the ground around it to grow larger. This golems name is Zeta. This is the easiest to create and maintain. The next is a large feline made of metal, with spines running along its back. This golems name is Theta. After that is a swarm of gold bugs which can also combine into a weapon. This golems name is Iota. The 4th is made of magma pulled deep from the earth, and due to its non-solid form, it can reconstitute itself. This golems name is Sigma.The 5th, and most powerful of all the golems, is an obsidian humanoid with rubies for eyes. It brings with it not only extraordinary strength but a cloud of obsidian mist which shrouds it. This golems name is Epsilon. It is the hardest to maintain, though due to his enhancing gloves, Shaddandriel can keep it active for just over 15 hours. Due to its humanoid appearance, it can usually be disguised and guards Shaddandriel at all times. Each of these represents and embodies a piece of his personality, and thusly had the same level of intelligence as Shaddandriel. It could be said that these golems are as human as their caster. The snake represents his conniving side, the cat his explorative side, the swarm his power-hungry side, the magma his anger, and the obsidian man is more all around than the others and is more a reflection of Shaddandriel than an aspect. However, these golems are not the perfect team. Due to each of them having an intelligence unto itself, sometimes if they think it will benefit their master more, a golem will stray from the mission to achieve a goal which takes more precedence. That said, usually, they all work extraordinarily well together. 

Appearance: Shaddandriel wears a long black coat, a little above ankle height, and leather gloves with sigils inscribed to enhance the length of time he can maintain his golems. He wears a midnight blue v-neck shirt under the coat, and also jeans with Converse shoes. He has the sides of his head shaved and the top into a messy pompadour. Shaddandriel usually sports mild stubble and occasionally a short beard after a particularly long adventure.  He occasionally wears a beaten Wellington hat with a twirled black feather in the ribbon. Shaddandriel is almost never seen without a toothy smile, either genuine to his friends or mocking to his enemies. He looks to be nearly twenty-nine. 

Social Life: Shaddandriel often converses with China Sorrows, making his money by selling the artefacts and valuables he finds in his travels. He travels frequently with Dexter Vex and is a devout customer of Ghastly Bespoke. In fact, though he rarely talks to them, Shaddandriel has connections to all of the Dead Men. Mostly, however, he finds companionship in his golems. 

During the Wars :

Mevolents War: Shaddandriel was a single man hit squad, and with his 6 golems, he was incredibly effective. So effective, in fact, that when Skulduggery was killed, Shaddandriel very briefly took up the reins, before the rest of the Dead Men found Larrikin and Hopeless. He was extended an invitation to the Dead Men, but as he does not work well in groups, with the exception of his golems, so he declined. However, he was consistently assigned to provide backup to the Dead Men on particularly dangerous missions.

 The War of the Sanctuaries: Though he tended to stay out of particularly large battles, and wasn't aligned with any particular Sanctuary, Shaddandriel was freelancing mercenary work at the time, with Dexter Vex being busy at the time. He was hired by the Irish Sanctuary. After some high-risk assassinations, he started to suspect a bigger plan and was locked and bound for the duration of the war after a nearly successful assassination attempt on Erskine Ravel and Madame Mist.  

Origin: In 1709, a nameless child was born who had a natural talent. Orphaned at the age of  7 and living on the dilapidated streets on England. A young and hungry Springheeled Jack saw the magic in his bones, and took Shaddandriel to the rooftops for a midnight snack. A Mage by the name of Reginald Pantagruelian looked at the young boy on the verge of being eaten and took pity. Reginald saved Shaddandriel, and took him under his wing. Though he was just planning to feed him and send him to a orphanage, when left alone, the boy started to build little men out of toys and enchanting them to life. Reginald was amazed with the toy soldiers the boy had built, and upon recognizing Shaddandriel's gift, Pantagruelian decided to train him. After twelve years of training, Reginald was assassinated. This devastating blow deeply affected the now teenage sorcerer. He went down a dark path, and got revenge for his trainer. After a year and a half, the Sanctuary heard of an extremely powerful, rouge sorcerer, and sent Skullduggery to detain him. After an eventful battle, Skullduggery learns that Shaddandriel is not evil, just angry. Over 4 years of tutoring with another Mage, Percival Chanticleer, Shaddandriel learned to control himself and became an adventurer/gun for hire after meeting Dexter Vex. He is now a 308 year old Terramancer who occasionally helps Skullduggery and Valkyrie with their cases, but mostly adventures with Vex. 

Non-Magic Training: Though Shaddandriel is a powerful sorcerer in his own right, he doesn't need to sit back in the shadows while his golems do the work. His training with Chanticleer and Pantagruelian was mostly to focus and gone his natural gift at magic. In 309 years, however, one tends to pick up some things. He learned along the way tactics of assassination and a style of fighting unique to him. Shaddandriel has had in the past been trained in a multitude of weapons, but usually uses a light bow staff, which he is a prodigy at. For less conspicuous battles, he usually carries a silenced FN 5-7, and is very well trained with both of these. He also has extensive stealth and hand-to-hand combat training. 

Miscellaneous Trivia: Shaddandriel's favorite food is dumplings. He tends to enjoy reading in his free time. For the past 81 years, he has been trying to finish The Count of Monte Cristo, but never finds the time. He does not have a permanent house, but if he ever wanted to settle down, about 20 years ago he bought a plot of land in southern Dublin. He has been almost everywhere, except Florida because "Alligators are really scary." Shaddandriel has the opposite of claustrophobia, and hates large spaces. His nickname is "Socket Rocket." You don't want to know why. On 3 separate occasions, he and Dexter Vex have worked together to try and get Saracen Rue to reveal his power. Each of his golems also have their own quirks. Zeta enjoys watching movies and reading comics, and has been know to burst into sandy tears at the end of Titanic. Theta likes to destroy furniture and climb onto really high places that he needs help getting down from. Iota spends a lot of his time trying to pollinate flowers, which is of course fruitless. Sigma enjoys cooking, but usually burns his dishes. Epsilon loves a good chess game, and plays with Shaddandriel constantly.  

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