Sin Paradox
Character Information
Given Name Jacob Stone
Taken Name Sin Paradox
True Name Unknown
Species Mage
Gender Male
Birth Before 1500s
Age Over 500 years old
Death Unknown
Magic Hypnosis
Faction Phantom Police
Weapons The Phantom Force
Titles Master of the Phantom Force
Location Dublin
Relations Unnamed mother and father
Unnamed brothers

Sin Paradox was a spymaster in service of Mevolent, and the main antagonist of Skulduggery Pleasant and the Phantom Force.


Early life

It is unknown just how old Sin Paradox is, but it is confirmed that he is at least fifty years older than Skulduggery Pleasant, and that wherever he went people would deny that he even existed. It is known that his parents were both extremely powerful Adepts, his mother a Kineticist apparently far stronger than Mr. Bliss and his father a Bonebreaker who physically abused anyone who bullied Sin. Apparently, his Given Name was Jacob Stone, but he quickly decided to change his name to protect himself from being influenced, especially when he was faced with people more powerful than him. Sin's childhood is completely mysterious, but it is confirmed that he was responsible for a series of suicides of people who mocked and tormented him.

When he was twenty, he had, through officially unknown means, provided an immense amount of money and status for his family, but was distraught when his older brothers abused and mistreated these gifts. Despite their faults, it was impossible for him to hate them - he loved each of his family. It was mentioned that he was once extremely good friends with Mr. Bliss, but this is not explored very well. He first met Mevolent when he was in his thirties, and became fascinated with the power that the Elemental sorcerer possessed - he witnessed Mevolent extinguish a forest fire with a twitch of his forefinger. For the next two or three centuries, Sin was closely observed by Mevolent and his future followers, and most of the people who were sent after him ended up mysteriously killing themselves willingly. Mevolent continued to observe Sin, apathetic to the losses he sustained in the process - Ghastly lamented that so many powerful sorcerers were wasted in Mevolent investigating Sin.

Skulduggery and Sin didn't meet until a few years before the war, and Skulduggery claimed that Sin experimented his powers on Skulduggery, and once made him do a handstand on only two fingers over a cliff. Mevolent witnessed this and immediately became fixated on employing Sin, but Sin himself despised Mevolent, believing he was nothing but a narcissistic religious fanatic, and only opted to follow him for the purpose of being provided with people he could expand his powers on. He refused, for the purpose of his own entertainment, to use his hypnotic power on Mevolent because he wanted to allow Mevolent to be responsible officially for the things that Sin would inevitably be made to do, hinting that Sin sensed there would be a war because of Mevolent's obsession with the Faceless Ones. At an unknown point, he played chess with Skulduggery to an endless stalemate.

During the War

When Mevolent started the War, he placed Sin in the employ of his own spy network which he named the Phantom Force. Essentially, Sin became responsible for the transferral of secret information and the interception of that information if it came from the enemy. Mevolent also tasked him with the obtainment of traitors, double agents, defectants and disbelievers. It was implied that Sin was worse than Dr. Nye with the prisoners that he obtained, and the Phantom Force was never properly extinguished because Sin's spies were people he'd hypnotized and could be anyone, and even people who were definite candidates for the Phantom Force turned out to be competely innocent of this. It was established during the War for a detective like Skulduggery that Sin's most dangerous attribute was his super-genius level intellect which, matched with his hypnotic power, made him a terrifying enemy.

At some point in the War, the Phantom Force started putting investigations into the Dead Men, which led to a series of brutal incidents and disastrous battles between the two organisations. This led to Skuldugggery deciding to send his wife and children into hiding to protect them from Sin, and even considered wiping his own memory from them so that even he wouldn't be able to betray them. Skulduggery would later voice his opinion that Sin was his nemesis, his "Moriarty", for a considerable part of the War, and Skulduggery constantly debated with Eachan Meritorious that they should put more resources into hunting him down, but Meritorious was doubtful that Sin even existed.

Sin first officially appeared to the enemy when he interrupted a catastrophic battle that the Sanctuary was winning twelve-to-one, but then whispered something in the ear of a sorcerer under Anton Shudder's command named Azazel, and suddenly Azazel used his Gist to wipe out nearly all of the Sanctuary soldiers present until Mr. Bliss intervened and killed Azazel while his Gist was still out. When Bliss turned on Sin, Sin revealed that he had a backup plan in case he was attacked - if one more of Mevolent's men were attacked, then he would convince the population of the town to kill themselves, and if he himself thought he were under attack, he would send a command for all of the prisoners that the Sanctuary was secretly trying to rescue to be killed in extreme pain. He negotiated with Bliss to be provided with an escort back to Dublin, and Shudder remembers the irrevocable rage at watching Sin walk free after causing a massacre.

At some point, Sin noticed that his powers had an effect on his health - every time he used his powers to a certain extent, he would feel like his heart was about to explode. He knew that, with the extent he intended to use his powers, he would eventually destroy himself, and opted to immunize himself from this weakness. He approached Dr. Nye and volunteered for an experiment where his human heart would be surgically replaced with an enchanted, magical one. Nye's procedure took months due to the precision required and Nye later noted that Sin didn't scream or struggle once, even when his heart was removed before his very eyes. Sin's enchanted heart, called the Ironheart, gave him incredible stamina and, due to the permanently steady pulse, he could use his powers to whatever extent he wanted. The enchantments also appeared to give him a healing factor that was immune to even an attack from Auron Tenebrae, who found himself unable to kill him.

The Phantom Force finally became a sole concern after Skulduggery Pleasant's death, after which Sin's enforcers proved to be more dangerous without a mind as brilliant as Skulduggery to oppose them, not to mention the demoralisation from Mevolent parading Skulduggery's corpse publicly. Mr. Bliss opted to eliminate Sin and his organisation by putting his wife, children, siblings and parents at risk, knowing that even a monster like Sin would be unable to resist opting to protect them. This was eventually overruled by Thurid Guild, who opted to have a more ruthless version of that plan, believing that while Sin was even alive the Sanctuary was at risk. They lured Sin's family to an island, where Sin pursued them and demanded that his best minions be made to eliminate the captors. He made the mistake of entering the zone himself to personally untie his family, which triggered a symbol that activated a Desolation Engine that obliterated the island, the agents on both sides, Sin's family and apparently Sin himself. The incident was blamed on Mevolent for the purpose of propaganda.

Without Sin, the Phantom Force apparently collapsed because there was no man, not even Nefarian Serpine, clever and pitiless enough to take up the mantle. Sin's loss proved somewhat fruitless for the Sanctuary, because none of the people he'd imprisoned were ever found.

In "The Phantom Force"

After the events of Dark Days, during which the Sanctuary was destroyed by a Desolation Engine, Skulduggery and Valkyrie are alerted to the fact that a woman named Sidney Stone, who was once thought to be dead for over a hundred years, has resurfaced in Dublin. Skulduggery explains to Valkyrie that, during the War, Sidney was one of the multiple prisoners of Sin Paradox, and explains that Sin was killed during the War. None of his prisoners, after his death, were recovered and thought to have died in anguish, but suddenly three of them have resurfaced in Ireland and haven't aged a day - Sidney Stone, Blake Vortex and Frank Wargrave. They track Sidney to a cinema on the edge of Dublin, where Valkyrie approaches Sidney and tries to communicate with her. Sidney attacks her, forcing Skulduggery to throw Sidney against the screen of the cinema.

Sidney begins to come to her senses, when suddenly over a tanoy Sin's voice commands her to 'make a barbecue', and Sidney then uses her considerable Elemental powers to cause an inferno in the cinema, killing dozens, until Valkyrie uses her Necromancy to subdue her. Skulduggery is shaken by hearing the voice, so much that he was deathly silent on the journey back. He brings the incident to Ghastly, who stubbornly insists that Sin is dead, but refuses to divulge to Valkyrie as to why. However, suddenly Clarabelle approaches them and leaves a recorded message from Sin, detailing that the attack at the cinema was a warning against ignoring his plans - Valkyrie is puzzled, because Sin is fundamentally asking them to oppose him.

Skulduggery knows, due to Sin's immense intelligence, that this is a trap and that he wants them to try and stop him, but also knows that Sin is fully aware they do not know what he is planning. They go to China Sorrows' library, where China explains that Sidney is refusing to even divulge Sin's location. At Skulduggery's command, Valkyrie calls Fletcher and summons him, where China instructs Fletcher to locate the other two people who've resurfaced. When Fletcher does this, he tracks Frank Wargrave to Courke, where Wargrave meets in a cafe with Sin, but Fletcher originally doesn't recognize him. Sin instructs Wargrave to bring a package to an address that Fletcher realises is Valkyrie's, and his recoiling at this alerts Sin, who has Wargrave restrain him. Sin hypnotizes Fletcher, but it is unclear what he instructs Fletcher to do.

Fletcher goes to meet with Valkyrie, when he suddenly teleports her into the centre of a hurricane in Hawaii. When Valkyrie tries to resist, Fletcher attacks her and she overpowers him, suddenly finding that he wants to kill her. She knows that she cannot kill him because then she would be alone and at the mercy of the hurricane. She uses her Elemental powers to create a large wave and stun Fletcher, before levitating both of them to a distance by riding the wave away from the hurricane. Valkyrie contacts Skulduggery, and Fletcher is studied. The effects wear off, but Skulduggery is shocked at the low blow that Sin is willing to deliver against Valkyrie. Valkyrie visits Fletcher while in his cell, but Fletcher refuses to communicate anything other than 'Don't go home!'. Valkyrie is unable to understand why he keeps saying this, and returns home.

Sin visits a performance in Courke where a unicyclist entertains the passers by. Wanting a distraction, he approaches the unicyclist and persuades him to unicycle into the crowd, causing a pandemonium that allows him to enter a restaurant where he meets with Billy-Ray Sanguine. Sanguine theorizes that he is immune to Sin, and is too young to have known him properly, but Sin influences him all the same without effort and hypnotizes him to abuct Ghastly Bespoke. Sanguine subconsciously knows from fighting Ghastly that the latter is stronger and more dangerous than him, but Sin's powers make him disregard this. Meanwhile, Wargrave delivers a package to the Edgley's house and Valkyrie opens it, only for it to contain pictures of her, Caelan and Fletcher. Frightened, she brings these to Skulduggery, who immediately assumes that Caelan is his next target.

Skulduggery and Valkyrie meet Caelan and Caelan remembers meeting Sin at some point. Valkyrie becomes suspicious, but Caelan assures her that this was a long time ago and at the time Sin was strapped to a table in the laboratory of Nye. Skulduggery is visibly unsettled by this, since approaching Nye would mean a dangerous experiment was required, particularly if Sin was involved. Caelan explains that Nye, for once, appeared subservient to Sin, who was reported to have been barely skeletal in appearance and burned all over. Caelan becomes defensive when Skulduggery insists on knowing more, and Valkyrie realises that Sin intends for them to know all this. He turns around and Sin approaches them. Skulduggery shoots Sin several times in the heart, but Sin survives and persuades Caelan to attack them. Skulduggery subdues Caelan and demands to know what Sin is up to, but Sin notes that he is just 'providing for his family'.

Before they can learn more, Sin turns and persuades Valkyrie to jump off of the building. Valkyrie is unable to resist this, so when Skulduggery goes to save her, Sin escapes. Skulduggery realises that Sin was distracting them when he suddenly realises that this was a ploy by Sin - while Skulduggery saves Valkyrie, Caelan awakens and transforms forcibly, killing all the mortals in the building. Valkyrie and Caelan lament horribly for the disaster, which is blamed on Caelan, who is ostracised from the Sanctuary as it rebuilds. Skulduggery realises that Sin is playing with them, which is completely uncharacteristic of him - he always has a purpose for what he did. To support this, Anton Shudder recollects when Sin interrupted a battle and coerced the Sanctuary into safely allowing him to escape. Valkyrie understands how dangerous Sin truly is for the first time and is determined to stop him.

Sanguine attacks Ghastly, but as both Sanguine and Sin originally predicted Ghastly overpowers him, but Sin's hypnosis provokes Sanguine to continue attacking so that Ghastly nearly kills him. China Sorrows intervenes and tries to combat Sin's control over Sanguine, but is horrified to be reminded that his hypnosis is stronger than China's own. She takes this personally and uses a nail to carve a symbol into Sanguine's head, rendering him comatose and subduing him. She formulates a plan with Skulduggery to pin Sin down, believing that they, who know him better than any living person know, can defeat him. However, Skulduggery is waylaid when Thurid Guild summons him to his prison cell in Scotland. Guild knows that Skulduggery has begun investigating a resurfaced Sin, and offers information to Skulduggery in exchange for a lightened sentence.

With this information, which is not yet revealed, Skulduggery understands that Sin is planning some form of revenge on the Sanctuary, but is too shocked to divulge the information with Valkyrie and even Ghastly. Sin visits Valkyrie's home while she's absent, and pretends to befriend Desmond and even drink with him. He then hypnotizes him to leave a message for his daughter, but to immediately forget they ever met once he's delivered the message - the message is revealed to be that he wants to meet her. She brings this to Anton Shudder, but Shudder decides that they all go together. Skulduggery goes with Valkyrie to meet Sin in Winthrop Street, Cork. Valkyrie sits down and Sin establishes that he is in control - however, Valkyrie notices that Sin doesn't have effect on Skulduggery and his hypnosis doesn't work. Skulduggery notices that he has been playing with them and demands to know why, but Sin remains ignorant to that.

As they talk, Skulduggery explains that he knows what happened to Sin that was supposed to have killed him and why he is doing what he is doing. Valkyrie is confused and doesn't know what he is talking about. Sin, at the mention of what happened, becomes furious and summons Blake Vortex, who unleashes his Gist upon the two of them. Skulduggery discovers that Sin is simply going to terrorise the Sanctuary until it destroys them, and knows it will destroy Ireland. Valkyrie pursues Sin and fights him hand-to-hand, and Sin outmatches her and hypnotizes her to attack Ghastly. As Valkyrie fights the others within an inch of her life, Sin goes to Vortex and orders him to set off the explosives he's hidden in the waterworks. China hears this and follows him.

Sin leads China to Liffey Bridge, where he sits on the edge of the bridge and awaits her. Valkyrie, having managed to finally overcome Sin's hypnosis, unknowingly because of her Ancient blood, follows them. China approaches Sin from behind and is tempted to push him over. Sin speaks calmly with China and reveals how his family were used as bait by Guild to destroy him. China is visibly shaken by his story, and Valkyrie can't help but feel shocked by Sin's recollections. Sin explains that Nye gave him an Ironheart, which is how he survived a Desolation Engine so that Caelan could watch Nye repair him. China knows that she is unable to kill him because of this, even if she attacks his brain, and Sin admits he has no idea where his real heart is. He tempts China to give him a symbol that would physically destroy him and Valkyrie notices that China has been influenced by this demand, despite what he has literally just told her.

As she approaches him to kill him, Sin pulls a knife and aims to kill her, but Valkyrie emerges and launches a whip of shadows at Sin, knocking the knife from his hand. He uses China as a human shield, but China activates a symbol that launches a shockwave from her body, incapacitating Sin. Skulduggery arrives and arrests Sin. The hypnotist is taken to a secret prison where he will spend the rest of his life - the prison is bound so he cannot hypnotize anyone there.



Sin Paradox is very imposing and with a muscular frame. His hair is shoulder-length and blood red and he has a finely-smoothed beard. His eyes are a fierce green, like emeralds in desert sunlight, and it is remarked that his eyes do not betray the emotions that his face feels, and even his face is virtually devoid of any emotion. Sin is impeccably dressed in a green dinner jacket and bow tie, with long sleeves and a silver-buckled belt around his waist. His voice is stern, intelligent and whenever he uses his hypnotic powers it takes a spiderly tone.

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