The Crown of Shadows, also called the Black Crown, is an artefact owned by the High Priest of the English Temple. The Crown is made of an unknown material which cannot be broken or destroyed; it is studded with blood-red jewels, which cannot be removed from the crown.


The Black Crown contains a massive store of necromantic energy. This means that it can be used to increase its wielder's power or as an Object of Power. The store is not unlimited and can run out if used over a long period of time; this is, however, a very rare event. The Crown then recharges its store of energy from any Necromancers or dead bodies in the area. The Crown cannot be taken from its owner and will kill anyone who tries to steal it.


According to legend, the Crown of Shadows was created by one of the first Necromancers, probably an Ancient. It was probably created in the East of England during or shortly after the War between the Ancients and the Faceless Ones. During the war between the Ancients, a collection of Necromancers tried to create a sanctuary for themselves and their bretheren - this was the first attempt at building a Necromancer Citadel. The Crown was given to the leader of these Necromancers; he was the one who made it so that the artefact would only be able to pass on to his successors. Unfortunately, the Necromancers were attacked before they were able to complete their sanctuary. The only survivor took the Crown and went to the humans and taught them Necromancy, creating some of the first mages. The Crown was left with the English Necromancers while the Ancient travelled Europe to teach other humans the secrets of magic. The English Necromancers elected a leader and started trying to rebuild the Citadel. The Crown was passed from leader to leader through several generations until the London Temple was built and the English Necromancers moved there, leaving the Citadel for use by the international community. However, there was an argument as to whether the Crown should be wielded by the High Priest in London or the leader of the Citadel. After several decades of feuding, it was decided that the Hight Priest should keep the artefact since it would only respond to his command.

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