" Now, if I am correct, you are Skulduggery, an elemental and I'm in a world surrounded by magic... Myeh, I heard worse"
The Wetland Harbringer
Character Information
Species Unknown
Gender Unknown
Birth 12. October 1994
Age 18 (Fix this if Im wrong)
Death n/a
Magic Elemental, Magiphage
Faction The Australian Sanctuary
Weapons Magic, Morning Star
Titles The White Sorcerer
Location Mobile
Relations Dexter Vex, Curtis Vex, Kat Vex

The Wetland Harbinger is is an Magiphage and an Elemental. He is one of Skulduggery's later sidekicks.


Before he went to Ireland, Jason lived a normal life in Tasmania, growing up on a farm. When he got to his ranch in Ireland, he saw a strange looking man plainly trying to hide (Skulduggery) near his area, so he followed him to a wax building, where he caught up to him. Skul then told him everything he didn't know, then he went back to his parents telling them how he met Skulduggery. They then told him a confession, saying that his mother was an elemental and his dead father was an Adept. She gave him spell books and then he started learning about Elemental Magic and Magiphage Magic. The next day when he returned to Skulduggery, he told him that he learned magic and that he should become one of his sidekicks, which he agreed to. He saw the book of True Names and even opened it and saw his name, The Soulist- an individual who can resurrect souls to their past states. After many world saving cases, Jason decided that he can go solo from now on but he said that Skulduggery can call him if he needed any help.


Jason has spikey, Tangerine coloured hair and blue eyes. His skin is tanned and he is often seen with a bronze pocket watch in his left hand. Jason gets clothes from Ghastly too, which is a white tuxedo and Stetson, with an olive waistcoat underneath. He has white Goth boots as well to finish off his mysterious look.


Jason has one of those "If you don't do it today, you do it never" type of people and is also, like Skulduggery, pretty sarcastic. He is also flirtatious with people near his age and isn't that shy. He is usually feisty and could never stand still, and is only at peace if he has just done a relaxation method. He only uses magic when needed, and HATES naggers.... a lot, so if you have at least one bruise on your face from complaining on what he did back there, blame yourself, not him.


  • On hearing about Valkarye Cain, Jason thought she would be very cute, even though he hasn't met her yet
  • When he went to see the Elders, he got to see the book of names, but funny enough, the spell didn't affect him
  • He has only heard RUMORS about the dead people's existance, he isn't sure if they are real or not, although Skulduggery explained it to him

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