Victor Brawn
Character Information
Given Name John Carrow
Taken Name Victor Brawn
True Name Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Over 300
Death N/A
Magic Adept
Faction None
Weapons None
Titles None
Location England
Relations None

Powers and abilities

Victor is an Adept sorcerer with the ability to transform his entire body into a flexible organic diamond form that consists of an organic steel-like metal alloy. He can transform one individual part of his body, like his fists, into metal but he is much stronger if she transforms her entire body. As a result, Victor gains an incredible degree of physically superhuman strength, durability, speed and endurance. He is so physically strong that Skulduggery describes him to be just short of power level with Mr Bliss. He is able to bench-press several hundred pounds using his strength, smash through walls by running into them, endure the fury of several Vampires and even tank an assault from a very powerful Gist. He can also withstand high-velocity bullets, knives, explosions, as well as flames of and electric shocks of intense heights. As a result of this he is extremely dangerous in a fight and devastatingly hard to beat.

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