Magic Type Adept
Power A magical body fuelled by the user's hate, anger and determination
Notable User(s) Anton Shudder

A Gist is a type of Adept magic used by Anton Shudder. It is a magical body fuelled by the user's hate, anger and determination. When this magic is used, the gist takes the appearance of the user. The appearance of the actual gist is far more animalistic. In the case of Shudder's gist, longer hair, sharper teeth and claws. Derek has stated that there are others that have a gist, but not many.[1]

A Gist can only be let out of the user's body for a limited time for two reasons:

  1. Due to the fact that using this magic takes a toll on the users body, the Gist is used mostly as a last resort.
  2. If a Gist is let out of the user's body for too long, the Gist will take over, causing the user to be trapped inside the Gist, instead of the Gist being trapped inside the user.

This branch of Adept magic is virtually unstoppable. The only way the user can be harmed is through the tiring work of controlling the Gist, or if the enemy manages to get past the Gist to attack the user.


  1. Derek's Answers on the Skulduggery Forums, 19th May 2011

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