AOH Hopeless

A member of the Dead Men, believed to be Hopeless.

Character Information
Taken Name Hopeless
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death During the War
Magic Unknown
Faction Dead Men
Location Deceased
Relations Erskine Ravel

Hopeless is a former member of the Dead Men and died during the War, after a mission in Russia. He was friends with Skulduggery Pleasant before the Dead Men were established.


Hopeless was one of the four original Dead Men and was a good friend of Skulduggery Pleasant's. China Sorrows mentioned that she had fought Hopeless before, back when China worshipped the Faceless Ones. Around 1850, he was present when Larrikin, filling in for Erskine Ravel, decided that it was Anton Shudder's birthday.

Across a Dark Plain

"...and Hopeless, a man of one name and many faces."
— Hopeless described enigmatically.

In 1861, he accompanied the Dead Men on a mission in South Dakota in America to capture Nefarian Serpine. They got information from Joost and Noche and had to defend themselves from a Zombie attack before missing out when Serpine escaped into a Necromancer temple.


His death was unexplained, but he died for what he believed in, according to Skulduggery. He was permanently replaced by Larrikin, who hitherto had only filled in temporarily when other members were injured.


It is unknown what type of magic Hopeless used. Though he was described as "a man of one name and many faces" so he may be able to create illusions like Robert Crasis.


In Across a Dark Plain he uses a pistol like the other Dead Men, as well as a rifle.



Armageddon-Outta-Here Cover

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