Ian Moore
Character Information
Given Name Ian Moore
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Unknown

Ian Moore is seen in Death Bringer when he mugs Valkyrie's mother on the main road in Haggard.


Death Bringer

Ian is first heard of when he tries to mug Valkyrie's mother, Melissa. However, he fails and Desmond soon pushes him through a pharmacy window. The guards arrest him and he is sent to a police station cell.

After finding out about the mugging, an angry Valkyrie hunts Ian down at the local police station. She brakes in and assaults Ian, and nearly kills him, using her hand-to-hand combat training. Just before killing him, Valkyrie regains her senses and instead threatens Ian, and then leaves.

Ian is then let out of prison because of his assault. He manages to find the home of Valkyrie and attacks her while she is babysitting Alison. However, Valkyrie manages to defeat Ian again with the help of her reflection. Ian is arrested again, and was said to be "crazy" as he claims to have seen somebody using shadows to assault him and bring their reflection to life. Valkyrie's reflection says that if Moore returns, she shall kill him. Valkyrie sees that as fair but doesn't reply.


Death Bringer

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