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Madame Mist
Character Information
Taken Name Madame Mist
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death Late 2013
Magic Adept, Child of the Spider
Faction Children of the Spider
Weapons Venomous Spiders
Titles Children of the Spider, Elder
Location Deceased

Madame Mist was a Child of the Spider and Elder of the new Sanctuary in Roarhaven. Erskine Ravel and Ghastly Bespoke suspected that she was a traitor. She was killed by China Sorrows.

She wore black robes and a veil concealing her face, and it was revealed that she was the only member of the Elders (Ghastly Bespoke, Erskine Ravel and Madame Mist) who does not seem to mind wearing the Elders robes or reading the Elder Journals.


The Council Elections

Madame Mist attended the first of the two meetings at the Great Chamber to decide the new Council of Elders. At the second one, she was nominated by The Torment to become one of the Elders, or else he would not allow the new Sanctuary in Roarhaven could not be used. Erskine Ravel, the new Grand Mage, accepted the offer, on the condition that he took Ghastly Bespoke as his second Elder.

Duties as Elder

In the sixth book, Madame Mist was not seen many times as she committed her duties as an Elder. She met Skulduggery and Valkyrie when they had something to report. The Torment was meant to have her on the Council for some plan, but as he died, the plan was (apparently) over. When Valkyrie was slashed by Melancholia St Clair, Madame Mist brought in Doctor Nye to help her. Ghastly met with her and disapproved of Nye. Mist simply stated that the Grand Mage allowed it. Mist was shown meeting with The Man with Golden Eyes, suggesting that she was a traitor.

The War between Sanctuaries

During the Battle of Roarhaven, China Sorrows and Skulduggery Pleasant enter the sanctuary to confront the Man with Golden Eyes and Mist. After dispatching The Black Cleaver, the Scourge and the Terror, they entered the main hall and fought each other. China used Symbol Magic to burn Mist to death.

Alternate Dimension

She was killed by Mevolent for not worshipping The Faceless Ones.


Mist was cunning, deceitful and utterly ruthless. Her fellow Elders suspected that she was a traitor but were unable to prove it until it was too late, pointing at her exceptional skills. Also, she seemed to possess nerves of steel as she remained quite unflinched in a violent confrontation with Remnant-possessed Tanith Low. However, she lost her nerve at the very end of her life. However, when crossed, she could become extremely violent and brutal, possessing no particular finesse in her fight with China Sorrows. The rest of the time, she remained perfectly calm and reserved in public, even when faced with certain death.


Cobwebs hung from her clothes. She wears an authentic black robe that conceals almost all of her features. Her face was covered by a veil.

Beneath her veil, Mist's skin was pale, her lips cracked. Spiders seemed to crawl under her skin instead of blood.[1]


Mist was an extremely powerful Child of the Spider. Her more advanced powers were that she was incredibly strong and fast, taking down a Remnant-possessed Tanith Low without effort. She was almost equally matched in a fight with China Sorrows.

Mist's magic allowed her to form small, white spiders that had both a poisonous and paralysing bite. It was unknown whether she had progressed far enough in her studies to complete the full spider transformation. However, having being one of the leading figures among the Children of the Spider and even strong enough to beat Tanith, it was most likely, especially since she appeared to be a teacher to Portia, who was proven to have the ability to transform halfways.



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