Skulduggery using Elemental magic.
Magic Type Elemental or Adept
Power Elemental or Adept
Notable User(s) Every mage and some magical creatures

Magic comes in a variety of types, though they are usually classed as Elemental, or an Adept Discipline. Witches are an exception to this rule, although their use of magic is not well documented.

The constant use of magic is said to rejuvenate the body, and can extend a sorcerer's lifetime, with many characters in the series being over five hundred years old. The rate of age slowdown is not accurately know, but Tanith is in her eighties, and appears as if she's in her twenties, so the effects are quite noticeable. How long a sorcerer needs to use magic for before the slow down starts has not yet been revealed. Depending on the strength of the sorcerers magic the age slowdown differs, as Greta Dapple was 200 years old and looked like she was 100 while Tanith was in her 80s looking like she was 20. The slowing of age appears to apply mainly to sorcerers, as the Witch Dubhóg Ni Broin was of an advanced age by mortal standards and wore every year of it.

Derek has stated that sorcerers can live to well over a thousand, but it has rarely happened.

The Source of all Magic

True Names

Main article: The Three Names

True Names are the source of Magic. Every sorcerer has a True Name, and that enables them to use magic. If a sorcerer finds out his True Name, it is said that can be extremely powerful, being able to take on the Faceless Ones, Argeddion, Lord Vile or Darquesse.

Walden D'Essai

It was said by Greta Dapple that Walden D'Essai had a theory that true names are not the source of magic, but directly connected to it.

The Unnamed

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The Unnamed didn't have a True Name but could could still manipulate Magic.

Branches of Magic


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Elemental magic involves the use of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. However, Air and Fire are the most commonly used. This is due to the fact that Earth magic is mostly only used for defense and Water magic has less practical or combative use except when large bodies of water or snow are nearby. 


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Adept magic has a variety of different magic. Some include Necromancy, Symbol Magic and Teleportation.

Reflection Magic

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Many mages can learn the art of creating a perfect duplicate copy of themselves, known as a Reflection. This branch if magic neither falls under Elemental nor Adept. Some glitches exist in this magic, such as the reflection developing near-sentient tenancies as Valkyrie Cain's reflection did when it was overused.

The Surge

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The Surge is a natural process that occurs in all mages. It sets a mages's magical discipline such that they can only use one branch (either elemental or adept). Although it has only been confirmed for Necromancy, it is heavily implied that it applies to all Magic.

The Passage

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The Passage is a belief of most Necromancers that The Death Bringer will block all natural life and death, resulting in no babies being born and no death. Argeddion had a similar plan, however his plan is to give Magic to everybody in the world, not take it away.


Some branches of magic grant their users extra abilities, such as Wall-Walking allowing one to open and seal doors. Tanith Low once provided an analogy comparing Magic to a Tree, with the Trunk being the Source of all Magic, the branched representing different magic disciplines and twigs on the branch representing sub-powers of a discipline.

Known Mages

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