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Mevolent's dimension
Mevolent's dimension Information
Name(s) Mevolent's dimension
Major events The Resistance against Mevolent.
Inhabitants Mevolent, Anybody who survived The War, Lord Vile.
Part of Unnamed Multiverse

 Mevolent's dimension is an alternate dimenision that has followed the same timeline as Skulduggery Pleasant's dimension up to a certain point in the past. It is unknown how much has changed but it is shown that Mevolent is not only alive but has achieved victory in the war, with his palace replacing Ireland's Sanctuary. Mevolent's victory is most likely because in this dimension Skulduggery is still Lord Vile.


Mevolent takes control of the dimension and starts his Purges. Those who refused to bow down to him were ultimately killed, and the warlocks have been virtually extinct due to that.

China Sorrows led the revolution against Mevolent. Other members of this revolution included Dexter VexAnton Shudder, and Ghastly Bespoke. Their main concern is not to protect the mortals, but to overthrow Mevolent.

Valkyrie repeatedly shifted between this dimension and her own because of the echoing shunt the  Dimensional ShunterSilas Nadir cast on her. Through her few visits, it is revealed that the mortals are terrified of sorcerers in general, and it is as though mortal technology has stopped improving sometime ago, giving the place an old time-y feel. Also, brown seems to be the only color available for garments.

On Valkyrie's last visit, Mevolent managed to hunt down the The Resistance. They were defeated when China Sorrows lost control of the only weapon capable of defeating him: The Sceptre of the Ancients. China was then killed by Serpine. This was known as The Battle of Ratoath.


Mevolent's Palace

The Palace in which Mevolent lives. It is here that his guards are ordered to kill him every day and assist his rebirth, in order for him to master death. It is also where the God-Killer sword and Sceptre of the Ancients are kept.


A town in the county of Meath, where The Battle of Ratoath took place.

The Temple of the Spider

A temple where The Children of the Spider practise their beliefs, mentioned in the final book.


The alternate reality's version of Dublin, where the Mevolent's Palace is located and where most of the sorcerers and followers of the Faceless Ones live. The city's actual name is unknown, but during her dimensional jaunts, Dublin-in-the-Wall is how Valkyrie referred to it.


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