Myron Stray
Character Information
Given Name Myron Stray
True Name Laudigan
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Death September 2010
Magic Unknown
Location Deceased

Myron Stray was a sorcerer who appeared in the fourth book, as well as participated in the War. He was a information broker, just like China Sorrows. His true name was Laudigan, which in the past people used to control him. It is unknown what type of magic he used.


Skulduggery Pleasant said that during the war Myron and Mr. Bliss used to fight. One day at a pub in Belfast they were meant to be planning how to take down Mevolent. Myron was taunting Mr. Bliss but he just sat there calmly. Mr. Bliss simply said "Laudigan, leave". Everyone then used his True Name to take information out of him, or make him lie to the enemy. His wife also left him, and his life had fallen apart.


Dark Days

Skulduggery and Valkyrie went to visit Myron since China was ill. Valkyrie asks for information on Dreylan Scarab. When he refuses, Valkyrie threatens to use his True Name against him. When she questions why he didn't seal his True Name, he says that it was too late by then. Myron Stray tells them that Nefarian Serpine's old castle is being used.

Later on at the end of the book, Davina Marr uses Myron's true name to control him. She makes him pop his ear drums, take the Desolation Engine and blow up The Irish Sanctuary without telling anyone but she didn't tell him not to be scared. So he knew what he was doing but couldn't tell anyone or do anything about it. Myron dies in the process.



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