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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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Character Information
Taken Name Nye
Species Crenga
Gender N/A
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Science-magic
Faction The Irish Sanctuary
Titles Doctor
Location Unknwon

Nye is a sadistic surgeon, classified only as an it, its species is called Crenga, and it takes great pleasure in chopping up dead bodies brought to it by the Dullahan. Nye currently works in the Irish Sanctuary as a doctor. It was hired due to its skills by Madame Mist. It is currently searching for the human soul.


The War

Dr Nye was a Mevolent supporter and 'looked after' prisoners. It tortured them and cut them up in the name of science. It was a legend among both those who sided with Mevolent and those who sided with the Sanctuary. Skulduggery told Valkyrie that everyone had heard of the "evil doctor", or words to that effect.

Sealing Valkyrie's True Name

Nye makes its first appearance in Mortal Coil, where it performs open-heart surgery on Valkyrie to seal her True Name. Whilst Nye is carving the requisite symbols on her heart, the Dullahan has to leave and Nye takes the opportunity to keep Valkyrie and cut her up to 'find her soul'. Valkyrie, however, tries to escape and when Nye catches her she threatens it with Necromancy, which has been made much more powerful due to the fact that she was dead. She curls the shadows around its leg before pulling back harshly and breaking its bones. Nye then sews Valkyrie back up and lets her go. Skulduggery determines that Nye was the one who performed the operation through the way Valkyrie refers to Nye without using gendered pronouns.

Skulduggery has apparently heard of it before, and berates Valkyrie for going to it, as it is known for 'not following the rules'.

Working in the Sanctuary

In Death Bringer, Nye is hired by Madame Mist to work at the Irish Sanctuary, despite objections by Ghastly. Nye manages to heal Valkyrie after she is nearly killed by Melancholia.

Later on Nye is approached by Clarabelle, Vaurien Scapegrace and Thrasher. Clarabelle asks to be Nye's assistant. After finding out that Clarabelle killed Grouse, it hires Clarabelle. Scapegrace asks if Nye could return him from being a zombie to a human. It doesn't see how it can benefit from this and rejects the offer.

In Kingdom of the Wicked Nye is approached by the Remnant posessed Tanith Low and her boyfriend Billy-Ray Sanguine. She gets Doctor Nye to reperform the operation on Sanguine by ripping him open and sewing back again to fix his powers. It is also approached by the zombie Vaurien Scapegrace (who is now a head in a jar) and Thrasher. They make a deal, Nye to perform a brain transplant on them, and Scapegrace will give it the remains of The White Cleaver. It also theorizes that the Sceptre of Ancients in the alternate reality will not belong to Mevolent anymore but will instead be usable by the first person to give it a 'charge' of energy.

It later stitches up Sanguine and gives Scapegrace and Thrasher new bodies. It gives Scapegrace the body of a woman, and does not consider it a mistake, much to Scacegrace's annoyance.

Alternate Dimension

Nye still worships the Faceless ones and this is shown when Mevolent is going through the process of being killed by Redhoods, as Mevolent intends to show that he is death's master. Nye then takes Mevolent in a liquid pool where he recovers from his wounds.

When the dimension is re-visited it runs experiments on Valkyrie.

Sanctuaries at War

Nye believes itself to have being granted amnesty from The War when Ghastly Bespoke tries to offer it Cleaver protection. Ghastly says it is to protect it from the families of the people it tortured. It is later sent to the Keep. After the battle is over, Skulduggery arrests it for siding with the Roarhaven mages.

The Dying of the Light

It is mentioned to be broken out of Ironpoint goal by Eliza Scorn.

In the midst of the battle with Darquesse, it is revealed Nye has been able to control the Black Cleaver all along who has been tasked to assassinate China.


Nye is a skilled surgeon, apparently second only to Grouse which is why it was hired after Grouse's death. It also has a grasp of other science as it mentions that it 'knows something' about transdimensional physics. 


Nye has a rather gruesome appearance, having previously had its eyes and mouth sewn shut and reopened again, leaving behind some loose threads. It has abnormally long limbs and a bloody scab instead of a nose. When Valkyrie first sees Nye she is incapable of determining its gender from its appearance or voice, which is high and shrill.


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