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"If that's my destiny, then that's my destiny. But at least I'll have one."
— Omen to Valkyrie Cain, Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection
Omen Darkly
Omen darkly
Character Information
Taken Name Omen Darkly
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age 14
Magic Elemental
Location Alive
Relations Emmeline Darkly (mother)
Caddock Sirroco (father)
Auger Darkly (twin-brother)

Omen Darkly is a Year 3 student of the Corrival Academy and the twin-brother of Auger Darkly, the Darkly Prophecy's chosen one. He is currently working together with Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain.


Early Life

Omen was born in a town near Galway a few minutes after his brother Auger to Emmeline Darkly and Caddock Sirroco. Through his mother, Omen is a member of the Legacy family Darkly.

At Corrival Academy, Omen was socially overshadowed by his older brother Auger who was the most popular kid in school due to his natural good looks, charisma, and fame as related to the Darkly Prophecy. Omen however blended into the background. He made few friends, one of whom and his best friend was the teleporter-student Never.


To be added.

Powers and abilities

As he has not experienced his Surge yet, Omen is able to use both Adept and Elemental magic. When it is time for his Surge, Omen is thinking of choosing Symbol Magic.


Auger Darkly

Despite the prophecy, Omen is not jealous of his brother.


Omen is a very socially awkward person and quite clumsy. He is also neither very talented nor very intelligent. He desires for a destiny and attention due to the status of his brother and the neglection he receives from his parents. He is also quite dim-witted as he often forgets his timetable and annoys his teachers. He has trouble with thinking on his feet.


Omen has messy hair in the colour of wet sand and is rather short. He wishes his waist was thinner.


  • Omen is interested in the language of magic.
  • He is a big fan of Skulduggery and Valkyrie.


Skulduggery Pleasant Resurrection


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