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Nathanial Quiver
Character Information
Taken Name Nathanial Quiver
Species Human
Gender Male
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Necromancy
Weapons Unknown Necromancy weapon
Location Ireland, The Temple

Nathanial Quiver is a Necromancer who is always seen by the side of High Priest Tenebrae. He is known for almost never speaking, as well as his solid, stoic manner.


Dark Days

Quiver is seen outside the Necromancer Temple with the High Priest, Vandameer Craven and Solomon Wreath.They are discussing Valkyrie's potential to be the Death Bringer although, as always, Quiver says very little. Both Solomon and Tenebrae seem to have respect for him because, unlike Craven, he only speaks when he has something good to say. Craven's opinion of him is unclear.

Mortal Coil

Quiver once again plays a minor role in the story. He attends all of the meetings regarding the Death Bringer. His views of Valkyrie remain unknown.

Death Bringer

Quiver makes his final appearance in Death Bringer. He is once again present at the meetings of the high-level Necromancer's. He is witness to the many arguments between Solomon Wreath and Vandameer Craven, though he never seems to pick a side in the proceedings. He is last seen speaking to Wreath shortly after Melancholia St Clair is announced as the Death Bringer, one of his rare speaking moments in the series. He tells Wreath of his initial scepticism of Melancholia's talent, though he states that she does indeed seem very powerful. He musingly notes that this is the longest Wreath and him have ever interacted, and that he doesn't seem to care much about that anymore, now that the Passage is almost among them.

It is unknown what happens to Quiver after this. It is likely that, being one of the high-level Necromancers, he escaped the raid on the Necromancer Temple. However, his fate afterward is unknown. He may have been killed during the rest of the book, or simply captured by Sanctuary forces. However, it is impossible to confirm his fate, as Quiver is never mentioned by name for the rest of the book.


He keeps to himself and almost never expresses his opinion. As such, very little is known about him. However, he is stated to be a stringent keeper of the law, implying that he is very devoted to the beliefs of the Necromancers. Additionally, Craven states that Quiver never makes fun of anyone, adding to his serious demeanor.


Quiver is a Necromancer.The object he has placed his power in is unknown. The extent of his power is never shown but he is probably quite powerful to be one of the High Priest's advisors.


Death Bringer

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