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Saracen Rue
Saracen Rue
Saracen Rue Information
Names Saracen Rue
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic Adept
Faction The Dead Men (formerly)
Weapons Unknown
Location Unknown

Saracen Rue is an old member of the group Dead Men during the War, and an old boyfriend of Tanith Low along with Frightening Jones.


Saracen Rue was one of the nine members of Dead Men during the War. At one point Saracen also dated Tanith Low. While Saracen was dating her, the two fought together in a battle. After the night was over, the two kissed under the moonlight, drenched in gore and pieces of brain. Tanith recalls it as a "night enjoyed by all"

The Maleficent Seven

In The Maleficent Seven, Saracen makes an appearance as one of the six people that helps Dexter Vex search for the four God-Killer weapons. It is shown that no-one knows what his magic is - when asked, he simply replies that he "knows things". 


Apart from that it is Adept, all that has been said about Saracen's power is that he "knows things". He demonstrates this when, for example, he knows that there is a guard around a corner holding a machine pistol without seeing him or hearing him.


Maleficent Seven
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