Skulduggery Pleasant Invaders
Skulduggery Pleasant Invaders
Platform PC/MAC
Series Skulduggery Pleasant
Date Released 3rd March 2015
Date Set In 2014
Developer JH5 Binary Arts
No. of levels 1
Website www.skulduggery

Publication Order
Preceded by
The Munchkin Army
Followed by

Skulduggery Pleasant Invaders is an online video game. It involves trying to stop Darquesse and her army of clones.


Think you know PAIN? You think you know FEAR?

You know NOTHING, Minions.

We present to you a test — a test of your courage, your dexterity, and your will to survive.


Darquesse is attacking. Manipulating the matter around her, she has formed an army of CLONES, and your favourite skeleton detective needs your help to fight her.

Can you defeat Darquesse? Can you get the highest score? Can you save the world?

Head to Skulduggery Pleasant Invaders now and pit your wits against an army of evil.

(And don’t forget to share you scores on Facebook.)

Good luck, Minions.

You’ll need it.


  • This is the third Skulduggery Pleasant video game, released seven years after the last.
  • It was made by a different developer to the first games.

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