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Dexter Vex

Dexter Vex was a member of the Dead Men during the War, and recently chased Tanith Low around the world. He's one of those guys who can shoot laser-like light from his arms. After the end of the War, Vex was said to be "living the life of an adventurer."

Vex's first appearance in the series is during Death Bringer, during the Requiem Ball. He claims to have taught Skulduggery who to dance.

During the The Maleficent Seven, Vex gathers a team to stop Tanith Low from obtaining the God-Killers, five powerful weapons that can stop Darquesse. Vex joins up with Saracen Rue, Frightening Jones, Aurora Jane and three others. The group combats Tanith's team as the race goes on...

Although he hasn't appeared too much in the books, Vex' magic is known - shooting light from his arms. Vex is also known to be pretty strong, combating Billy-Ray Sanguine and being evenly matched. (Read more: Dexter Vex)

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