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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
This article contains spoilers! Please, refrain yourself from reading its content if you haven't read Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men.
"I have a reason to be. In the wrong hands, the Accelerator could be the most devastating weapon the world has ever seen."
Skulduggery Pleasant explaining to Ghastly why he is paranoid., Kingdom of the Wicked

The Accelerator was a machine created by Dr Rote. It was used to boost the power of mages. How it did this is currently unknown. The Engineer was used to shut it down, and possibly enable other functions. A soul is needed to be given "willingly" in order to turn it off forever but the soul will be completely destroyed in the process.

The Accelerator drew its power from the Source of All Magic (possibly True Names). It first appeared in Kingdom of the Wicked, when Ravel and Ghastly discovered it hidden beneath the Irish Sanctuary.


TDOTL Engineer

The Engineer

The Accelerator was created by Roarhaven mages and scientists during their attempt at a rebellion, that did not succeed. When the Irish Sanctuary was established in Roarhaven, Ravel sent down a team of Roarhaven mages to the hundreds of tunnels below the building, and got them to map it. Because of this, the corridor that leads to the accelerator room was left out of the mapping, as the Roarhaven mages didn't want anyone else to find it.  When Ravel and Ghastly are on their way back from discovering the room, they run into three Roarhaven mages who say that there is an emergency, and lead them away. The three mages were Brennock, Paloma and Tevhan, which just happen to be the same people who made the map that the two Elders are using. Realising that the Roarhaven mages are trying to lead them away, and possibly into a trap, they quickly dispatch of the three after using Skulduggery's little code, "did you know that the sparrow flies south for the winter?".

It was thought that using the accelerator would probably kill the person, since they would be overloaded on magic. Skulduggery said this was a possibility when Doran Purcell was already inside it, causing him to protest and ask to be released. However, when it was over, Doran simply looked up and expressed how powerful he felt. After that, his companions Sean and Kitana also went inside and boosted their powers in order to be able to defeat Argeddion.

The Accelerator was later used again during the events of Last Stand of Dead Men, when Ravel permits the use of it to the Sanctuary mages so that they can fight the Warlocks with an advantage. However, the mages who have their powers boosted soon become over confident and get ripped to pieces.

The machine wasn't shut down in time by the Engineer built to maintain the device. Therefore, it would blow up shortly and destroy the world if it wasn't offered a soul, willingly given, within a few weeks. After The Battle of Roarhaven, Skulduggery said they would deal with that problem like they have with all the others before.


The Accelerator has curved walls with jagged tips on the top. It slightly resembles a vase that has burst open from within itself. The front of it is open, allowing users to access the inside of it, where there is a white disc on the base that is slightly raised, making a round, raised platform for the person to stand on. It has chords and plugs running all over it, making it look like it has viens.



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