The Battle at the Abandoned Fort
The Battle at the Abandoned Fort
Name(s) The Battle at the Abandoned Fort
Date 2013
Participants The Irish Sanctuary, Supreme Council
Location The Keep, Ireland

The Battle at the Abandoned Fort was a battle between the Supreme Council forces led by Mantis and the Irish Sanctuary during the War of the Sanctuaries.

Main Events

  1. The Irish Forces lure the Enemies towards the Fort. They then teleported away.
  2. With the aid of the Vampires of Moloch, the Irish outflanked Mantis' troops and attacked them from behind. However, Dusk murdered Moloch so the vampire aid didn't come.
  3. The Irish troops were then disarrayed when Mantis used Cloaking spheres to sneak behind again.
  4. The battle was won by Mantis and he ordered the interrogation of the captured mages.



The Irish Sanctuary

Supreme Council

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