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"You are not to look the master in the eye."
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"Children of the Spider have been reclusive. Even more so than the Necromancers."
Erskine Ravel on the Children of the Spider, Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil
The Children of the Spider
The Torment
Group Information
Location Roarhaven
Date Founded Before Skulduggery Pleasant
Notable Members The Torment, Madam Mist
Former Leader(s)
The Torment (deceased), Madam Mist
Current Leader(s)
Unknown, if any

The Children of the Spider are a secretive organisation of Spider mages lead by the Torment. Its followers utilize a magical ability that allows them to vomit and control spiders and to transform themselves into gigantic spiders. The Children of the Spider are considered scary and reclusive, so much so that Erskine Ravel does not appear to wish to allow Madam Mist to join him on the Sanctuary's ruling council of Elders. Despite their oddities however, the Children of the Spider are still fundamentally human, though Derek has implied that there is more to be revealed about this strange Adept discipline.[1] Derek has also stated in the eighth book more Children of the Spider will appear.[2] Though their name implies it, the Children of the Spider are in no way related.

As made clear in several books, the Children of the Spider fully back the mysterious Man with the Golden eyes in his aims and ethics. However, he is not a Child of the Spider and does not use in any way the same discipline.

The Children share a wish to elevate sorcerers to ruling over the mortals, and this is what leads to the expanding and upgrading of Roarhaven, a lot of secretive scheming and plots, the murders of Anton Shudder and Ghastly Bespoke, the release of the psychopathic teenager Sean Mackin, the destruction of the first Irish Sanctuary, and many more events besides. Although their desire is not actually obtained, they come close - until the provoked and angered Warlocks do not do what they hope they will - they attack the new city of Roarhaven instead of the city of Dublin.



Madame Mist

The Children of the Spider are based in the town of Roarhaven, and so wish for the new Irish Sanctuary building also to be there. Although High Priest Tenebrae and Ravel express their displeasure, Corrival Deuce agrees. Madam Mist, another member of the Children of the Spider, is elected as one of the new Elders.

During the events of Mortal Coil, it is seen that they had hired Russian assassin Tesseract to kill Davina Marr. This means they may also be in contact with the mysterious man with golden eyes.

They were also presumed to have been involved in breaking Sean Mackin out of prison as Madame Mist is seen discussing the situation with The Man with Golden Eyes.

Known Children of the Spider


  • The Children of the spider are human.


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