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The French Sanctuary
Group Information
Location Marseille (formerly)
Paris (current)
Date Founded Unknown, before Skulduggery Pleasant
Notable Members Mandat, Trebuchet
Former Leader(s)
Trebuchet (Deceased)
Current Leader(s)

The French Sanctuary was the Sanctuary based in France.


The War

It is mentioned that the Sanctuary fell during the War.

The War of the Sanctuaries

It joined the Supreme Council against Ireland during the War between Sanctuaries. Towards the beginning of the war, the Dead Men infiltrated the Sanctuary to reclaim the Engineer, which was being examined in a laboratory there.


During The War it was located in Marseille but when it fell it was relocated to Paris after it was suggested by Grand Mage Trebuchet the Grand Mage at the time.

Council of Elders




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