The Sea Hag

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The Sea Hag
Character Information
Taken Name The Sea Hag
Species Unknown
Gender Female
Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Magic None
Location Ireland

The Sea Hag is a creature who lives in a lake. To summon her, a person must ring a special bell. The Sea Hag once claims that she too was beautiful once, just like her bell. Fifty years ago before the third book, she was offered the corpse of the Teleporter, Trope Kessel, by Batu.


The Faceless Ones

Skulduggery and Valkyrie are after information about the murder of teleporters, and needing to talk to a corpse whos murder relates. They talk to Kessel and promise to take him back to land in exchange.

The Sea Hag

The Sea Hag guards the lake, and refuses to let them. The Sea Hag trys to drown Valkyrie, but Skulduggery saves her and they plan to bury the corpse in a proper grave.

The Diablerie later recruit the Sea Hag to help them at Liffey Bridge. The Hag manages to capture Fletcher Renn for them. She is not mentioned for the rest of the book afterwards.



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