Magic Type Adept or possibly Elemental with a focus on Earth magic.
Power Tunneling into the ground and walls, etc.
Notable User(s) Billy-Ray Sanguine

Tunneling is a type of Adept magic which allows the user to travel through the ground from place to place, the only sign of them having been there is a series of cracks. The only known user of this type of magic is Billy-Ray Sanguine. Skulduggery Pleasant has stated that the ability is a "focus" of Earth magic.


The only known user of Tunneling is Billy-Ray Sanguine, although when he attacked the English Sanctuary, he said he has been chased by people who could do what he can do, so he is not the only sorcerer who can tunnel. In The Eye of the Beholder there are two other mages who follow Billy-Ray underground along with three razorworms. These mages are called Persephone Grief and Barnaby.

In The Dying of the Light, Skulduggery does something similar with his earth magic when breaking into the vault with Stephanie to obtain a book Darquesse was after. However, Skulduggery reveals that it is only an imperfect copy, and there are certain things that he can't pass through at all.


Known abilities of someone with tunneling magic are:

  • The ability to sink into the ground and travel underground.
  • The ability to turn walls ethereal so anyone can pass through them.
  • The ability to trap people in walls and floors etc.
  • Immunity to all types of magical bondage. Handcuffs, bound Sanctuary cells etc.
  • Tunneling through armored clothing and flesh.

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