I created this Skulduggery Pleasant meme guideline for Tumblr which I will be doing myself & If anyone else wants to participate then feel free :')

' Skulduggery Pleasant Meme '

hopefully it'll be fun to do ;) I'm going to do mine with drawings to accompany but just text is fine too obvs.~

Day 1: Top 3 favourite characters

Day 2: Top 3 least favourite characters

Day 3: Favourite scene

Day 4: Got head-canon about something?

Day 5: Your favourite ship (pairing~)

Day 6: Something you wish was canon / want to happen

Day 7: A song that you associate with a character, a pairing, a scene or/and a book?

Day 8: Favourite villain

Day 9: Favourite book so far

Day 10: Least favourite book

(the post on Tumblr:

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