Until 22 August 2012, the ofiicial Facebook page will be revealing 10 new character profiles. Each day will reveal a new character, and a clue will be given before each reveal (created by Derek himself!. We will of course upload the new picture to the character profile! Below are the characters, clues and the complete profiles.


  • Day 1 - In his own estimation, he’s been a killer and a king- but now he’s falling apart. Who is he?
  • Day 2 - What disturbing character is described as being neither male nor female?
  • Day 3 - He’s brooding, dark, dangerous and quite humourless. Also his romantic streak is quite… overbearing. Who is he?
  • Day 4 - Whose hair might remind you of a demented porcupine?
  • Day 5 - Which blonde came very close to ending the world?
  • Day 6 - Which character carries a walking cane?
  • Day 7 - Which main character is- surprisingly- a librarian by profession?
  • Day 8 - The mother of which character was a boxer?
  • Day 9 - Who might happily describe herself as a “combat accessory”?
  • Day 10 - Which main character had a crush on Grace Kelly?


Character Profiles

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