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This article contains spoilers! Please, refrain yourself from reading its content if you haven't read the latest books.

On the Skulduggery Website the Prologue and three Death Bringer chapters have been released! The chapters are called:

  1. Prologue
  2. Kenny
  3. Me and the Girl
  4. The Christening

With the release of the chapters, new info has been released:

  • The book is set five months after Mortal Coil, which is May.
  • Three new characters are Kenny Dunne, Paul Lynch and Bernadette Maguire.
  • Melancholia's full name is revealed to be Melancholia St Clair.
  • Craven's full is Vandameer Craven.
  • Valkyrie's sister is called Alison Edgley.
  • The Jitter Girls are triplets that were born in 1933. When they were six years old, something tried to get into the world through them. More can be read in their page.

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