Just wandering about how others want the Skulduggery series to end? Happy ending, sad ending or both?

Here's what I want to happen:

  • Skulduggery - I really do not know what I want to happen to Skulduggery!
  • Valkyrie - For her to become Darquesse, and after murdering someone really close to her, she decides to end her life. But someone (possibly Skulduggery) manages to change her mind.
  • Ghastly - To not become Elder forever. Get with Tanith, quit being Elder, and them two get a happy ending.
  • Tanith - The ultimate torture! After she is freed from the Remnant. As for the torture, no idea! But possibly getting kidnapped (again!) and being saved by Ghastly alone!
  • Fletcher - Stay with Valkyrie. Part of me hopes there's a wedding for him and Valkyrie. Would love to see Desmond's reaction.
  • Desmond and Mellisa - I'm thinking they should stay unaware of the magical world.
  • Caelan - Die.

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