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  • Darkskull19

    About 2 days left for K-O-T-W! I could afford with the seconds left but... You see, I am a bit lazy to write down the seconds left. Let's just go with 2 days, Ok?

    Good. So yeah. 2 days. How do you guys feel?

    Me? I need another page for this you see. ^^

    The whole state is excited... A half of it is enough to be counted as something so the whole state excited for KoTW is something else to celebrate! Although we get the books late, we have faith in flying books. Best book delivery. Ever.

    I'm also planning a small worldwide celebration when the countdown finally ends. It is small, but its worth trying. ;]

    So yeah, what do you guys think?

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  • Darkskull19

    BBC/Skul Short Film

    August 22, 2012 by Darkskull19

    Alright. So I go to vacation and new profile pictures are revealed WITH the BBC/Skul short film news. Amazing timing, right there.

    Well, I think this short film is "really real" since Derek wrote about it in his blog and he seems pretty amused by this. I'm sure you've already read it but I couldn't help it you see.

    It's not official though, BBC doesn't have anything about the project or anything like that on their website. No secret codes, no news written in "caps lock". NOTHIN'.

    But this blog's main purpose, was to babble about pancakes discuss creating a page for this upcoming amazing short film. Should we do so?

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  • Darkskull19

    Bah, Abandoned Blog

    July 13, 2012 by Darkskull19

    Oh hi there. *cough* You're looking pretty good. But you see, I don't. The only thing missing here is a mirror bre-... *mirror cracks* Oh alright, this is new.

    So I've been recently to Turkey, thanks to my mom persuading my dad perfectly. I could never achieve to change my dad's mind. Like, you see, I wanted to go to London since I pretty much adore it but my good ol'dad does his best to be annoying. I lost the fight, to be honest. And we did need a good place for a vacation. My mom's an architect and she talks in "architect-ish" codes which make me pretty disoriented but it create a reason good enough to change his mind Etc, etc, etc, importing and eating kebab.

    This is stuff is boring.

    It's been pretty hard to fly there, to be honest. We ne…

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  • Darkskull19


    March 13, 2012 by Darkskull19

    OK, im really fighting the horrible yet concuring urge coming from the inside, telling me to fill this whole page and hack the site by writing THE KINGDOM OF THE WICKED at least a 500000000000000000000000000000000000 times. I can continue typing zeros if I'd like to but you see... Maturity comes first, right? (says the Skul-maniac who jumped 2100 times when the news were heard and who wrote a million 0's.).

    FINALLY, yeah, that's the main thing! Finally, the Kingdom Of The Wicked! I'm sure, if I know myself correct enough, I would react the same way (maybe a little more hysterical) if the book's name was actually "Paul", as everyone knows because... Derek's awesome. There's no doubt for that, geez! I was nearly passing out when the title cam…

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  • Darkskull19

    God Ok I'll skip the formalities and things about me being too anxious to write anything then I'll also skip the fact that I start ironically writing actually too much without noticing (just like now)....So this time, this'll be a short one... Something's really bad happening to me...

    So I'm writing to you live from my dear, lovely boring school's private computer in the library. Which is only barricaded by 3 wooden sticks so... It's up to you to use your "imagination", and when I mean "private", I mean there are like... I dunno maybe 5 people glancing to my screen 500 times in a minute so the sake of the word "private" is also up to you... but anyways, we're pretty fussy about this whole book 7 name thing even if I dont show it here's a fe…

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