Oh hi there. *cough* You're looking pretty good. But you see, I don't. The only thing missing here is a mirror bre-... *mirror cracks* Oh alright, this is new.

So I've been recently to Turkey, thanks to my mom persuading my dad perfectly. I could never achieve to change my dad's mind. Like, you see, I wanted to go to London since I pretty much adore it but my good ol'dad does his best to be annoying. I lost the fight, to be honest. And we did need a good place for a vacation. My mom's an architect and she talks in "architect-ish" codes which make me pretty disoriented but it create a reason good enough to change his mind Etc, etc, etc, importing and eating kebab.

This is stuff is boring.

It's been pretty hard to fly there, to be honest. We needed a plane. Damn that flying ability. So yeah finally we could make it to London and everything was going fine if you minus the nearly exploding legs and ears. [I'm not even mentioning the brain. I'm not even sure it still is working fine these days. I need to check.]

And this is what happened to me after a few minutes.

Boring. Yes I know.

So you see, I haven't been around for a long while but I'm back. I think. But being sick is terrible, naturally.

The end of the school was pretty nice. Since these little kids in my not-so-class-like class, made me a picture which made me look 100 [you add some] times prettier than usual. And it was very cool so it deserved to be honoured in my room and a GRAND *echo* exhibition in my school. I'll put it here too if I can afford with pressing too many keys on my laptop's keyboard. It'll be hard but I'll try.

Sorry people, I know nobody could make it here, neither I. So I'll be outta here now. :] . Bye everyone.

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